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    Monday, February 27, 2006

    Next Book In Date: My ORD Date

    It's almost over. I can sense it coming. Today is the last day I'll ever stay more than an hour in camp. We finally returned every single thing. Our bedsheets, blankets n field equipment had all been returned to the store man. My cupboard is totally empty now. I had cleared out all the stuff. I'm not going back to stay in the bunk anymore. Two long years in Seletar Camp has finally passed. All the shit is coming to an end now. When I left this evening, I don't even need to lock my cupboard anymore. The Yale lock that served for more than two years is retiring. I won't miss this place, but I will miss my great buddies who suffered with me n the rest during trainings.

    I'm waiting to collect my pink Identification Card on the 15th of March. The last time I saw it was 16th January 2004. I want it back in my wallet soon.

    It's the 28th again tmr. Hai.. I still remember I asked her to come with me when I ORD on the day. She didn't hesitate at all n agreed on going with me. But it seems that nothing of that sort will happen.

    She promised so much, but still left me in the end. I'm feeling the pain again......

    --16 days to ORD--

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/27/2006 09:39:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    This 2yr old sneakers had been thru all the tough trainings with me. I felt sad throwing it away

    My empty cupboard

    Lunch today. My last ever meal in camp. ORD loh!!!!! Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/27/2006 09:37:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    First Pump

    Liverpool won the premier league game 1-0 tonight, beating Manchester City at Anfield through a goal from Aussie Harry Kewell. It was another three points in the bag, but I'm not satisfied with the team's performance. Man City was down to 10 men for most of the game due to a red card on Joey Barton, but The Reds failed to capitalize on their numerical advantage. One goal was all they could manage when they should have scored more. If the pathetic strike rate continues, it's going to be a serious problem advancing into the next round of the Champions League.

    In tonight's SuperHost show grand finale, Singapore's 1st Super Host emerged n that person is Charlyn Lin Cui Fang. I always admire this young lady ever since I saw her on TV. This 27yr old, 1.74m tall young n beautiful lady has all the elegance n poise to be a good host. Her past weeks' performances caught my eyes n I'm glad that she won. Overall, the rest of the contestants' performance were good too, it's such a pity that there could only be one winner. Can't wait to see Charlyn hosting Mediacorp programmes soon.

    Today I went for my first pump at the gas station. My thirsty Sunny is sucking up petrol like crazy. I don't think it's the way I drive that caused it. In fact, I always switch into neutral gear whenever possible. Within 9 days, I used up three quarter tank, n I never even traveled a lot. So yeah, I went for the Shell Formula95 petrol n pump it to full tank. A total of 26litres were sucked in n it cost me 39 bucks. 9days cost me S$39, that's roughly S$4.30 per day.

    I gotta book in again tomorrow morning. Nope, I'm not driving back. I would rather sleep on the bus while on my way to camp. Perhaps it'll be the 2nd last time I head back there. It will be another round of de-kitting n even more thorough area cleaning. ORD is getting nearer n nearer. The day I've been waiting for since 16th Jan 2004 is finally within my sight.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/26/2006 11:55:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    This is Charlyn...


    End of the finale

    Receiving well wishes from fellow contestants

    Watched this today. No wonder it's an award winning film. The storyline is truly awe inspiring

    Saw II. Unlike more sequels, this one picked up where it left off in the 1st episode n packs more punch. The great twist at the end of it is really unexpected. If u don't mind the blood n gore, go watch it

    Last DVD of the day. I love epic time movies in the way that they fight wars. The preparation, the "pep talk", they're all so massive. Kingdom of Heaven is special in a way that it mentions abt the history of Jerusalem, the war between Muslims n Christians. I'll give it 4/5 stars

    Kway chup for dinner at ST81. Nice one..

    My thirsty Sunny is happily drinking away. Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/26/2006 11:52:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    The Past

    I was unpacking all the stuff I brought back from camp ystd. A lot of washing up had to be done n I had to find space to keep all my army stuff. No, it's still not the end of my army life. I still have to serve another 10yrs as a reservist NS-man. So yeah, I have to keep n store everything until my next call up. Amidst of all the unpacking, I came upon a little diary I kept during the 1st few weeks I was posted into unit 39SCE after my Basic Military Training in Pulau Tekong Island. Reading it brought back some memories. Not one the best memories to be recalled, but I'm definitely glad that it's all over. Here it goes......

    28th April 2004, Wednesday
    Waking up in the morning, I realized that it was my 1st time during my NS that I'm w/o both my Platoon Commander(PC) n Platoon Sergeant(PS) in camp with us. We had pasta for breakfast, not one of the best but it was still acceptable. As usual, we had to do our area cleaning after coming back from the cookhouse.

    After that, we had a lecture on "Training Safety". It was boring, the lesson didn't interest me at all. However, I have to admit what was taught was definitely necessary. The lesson lasted all the way till lunch time. We had the stupid chin-up regime again b4 we can consume our lunch. By this time, I was hungry n tired from the long lecture. I'm sick of seeing the bar. Nonetheless, we had to do it. Lunch, it was western food, PERFECT!!

    We had a self study session in the lecture room after lunch. I find it very stupid that we had to be forced to study when we're already grown ups. This is redundant. Finally, we had our test n it was easy, but not idiot proof. Took barely 15min to finish it. There was thunder n lightning during dinner time, so we didn't have to march, how cool... The rest of the night belonged to us. I miss Kim..... Three more days to booking out.

    29th April 2004, Thursday
    It was the 2nd day w/o our PC n PS in camp. Morning, we had 5BX, breakfast was yam n luncheon meat (it sucks) . The sky was cloudy n the weather was cooling. After area cleaning, it was revision time.

    Firstly, we had Level A suit revision in the morning. We were being tested on our efficiency in handling of the suit n SCBA. I love handling these sophisticated stuff n the test was of no problem to me. However, my assistant, Jeevan from platoon 3, took so long to set up everything n zipping up the suit, I had to suffer very long in the hot suit. I wonder whether he paid attention during lessons.

    Lunch time, chin ups again. Then, we had Individual Protective Equipment(IPE) drills revision. Our SBO n helmet were our additional gears this time round, which made things even more difficult for us. It was not easy to do things with the thick rubber gloves on n our eyes closed.

    Our sergeants later told us we will have our Smoke Chamber Test next Monday. I'm excited but yet afraid because they said it will make us cry a lot with the tear inducing pellets. Heck@!

    My day ended after dinner. It was a very hectic day. I'’s raining very heavily in Seletar now, guess it'll be a cold night for us. I hope Kim won't forget her blanket.

    3rd May 2004, Monday
    It's Monday again n I booked in reluctantly. We had M16 arms drill practice in the morning. Thank god the weather was nice n cool, unlike last week's disastrous encounter with our Company Sergeant Major(CSM).

    The drill was short n then we had to prepare for our "adventure" at the Smoke Training Facility(STF). I was nervous, wondering what was installed for me. Upon reaching the smoke chamber, I saw the "gas room". It's green n fairly small, not what I had expected. I waited pretty long for my turn to come. I dawn up my protective suit quite easily when my turn came as previous practices were useful.

    First entrance, we did the 5BX, took out our mask n walked outta room. The smoke stung my skin, made me tear like crazy n mucous flowed outta my nose, showing no sign of stopping. It was then I realized the importance of wearing our protective suit properly. Second entrance, we had to perform Immediate Action, Immediate Decontamination n drinking drills. Third n last entrance, we had to perform the canister change drill. The overall encounter was fun. It was one kind of an experience, but the feeling of the smoke wasn't pleasant at all. I hope I won't have to go through this often in the future.

    4th May 2004, Tuesday
    I woke up in the morning feeling exhausted. Frankly speaking, 7hrs of sleep of sleep is never enough. I had a bun n red bean paste puff for breakfast, resisting my favourite laksa due to the run later.

    We had to fall in at 7.30am to get ready for the run. I felt tired, unwilling to run the long 4.5km. I have never imagined I'll run so much in a week, until I came into 39SCE. The run kicked off after a warm up n I ran at my slow comfortable pace, clocking a time of 26min19sec. It was slow, but I believe I can do better.

    I was even more tired after the run. My muscles are aching like hell n the rest of the day was a torture. A run like this destroyed my day. Fortunately, it was just revision for the rest of the day, nothing strenuous. Lunch n dinner was good though.

    Tomorrow is going to be our practical test day. Hope I won't screw up. I'm dead beat now, how I wish I can hug her to sleep.

    5th May 2004, Wednesday
    Yawnzzzz.. It's damn tiring to wake up so early every morning. The ususal 5BX, breakfast n area cleaning. The guard house I have to clean is a big piece of shit, full of blood thirsty mosquitoes. My legs will always be decorated with bites after the clean up.

    We had our practical test at the Multipurpose Hall. First up, IPE drills. It wasn't easy n I neglected the little details of some of the drills. Lunch time, western food wasn't as good as we all thought it might be.

    After lunch, it was back to the test again. This time, it was the Lightweight Decontamination Suit(LDS), DCS(Decontamination Crew Suit) n Level A suit. These three were much easier to handle. However, I hate the wet feeling of the suits as they feel dirty. The test dragged on till dusk. The optometrists came to our camp at night to measure the degree of our eyesight into order to provide us with lenses in our gas masks. I went for it. Haha.. It was nice having a look at those young female Optometrists. Finally, everything ended at 9.15pm. Tiring day...

    6th May 2004, Thursday
    It was drizzling when I woke up for breakfast. Had the sucky fried noodles. We had mask game as training in the morning. Played captain ball n I have to admit it was extra tough playing with our mask on. Our perception level dropped dramatically n breathing was bloody tough. It was like we could die anytime due to difficulty in breathing. But I still enjoyed the game as it is more fun than the dreaded mask run.

    After the game, it was lecture time. It was on the boring COLPRO Protective Shelter System(CPSS). We had to wait till 12plus to have our lunch. We were all famished. Had theory test right after lunch, It was ok, but not easy, hopefully I can pass. Had a short rest after the test n we had another revision on the IPE drills. It was essential as all of us were not very good in our drills yet.

    Our day ended after dinner. During the daily Routine Oder(RO), our PC came down n talked to us about the handphone incident 2 nights ago. I have to admit my platoon's discipline is poor. It is so unlike the level I had to maintain in Raven Company during my Basic Military Training. I think we have to wake up our idea b4 something drastic happens. Tensions are getting high...

    7th May 2004, Friday
    Pulled myself outta bed this morning. Had a new style of 5BX. It was crap as it made me do various weird exercises. I still prefer the old one. Wonder which weirdo invented the new set of 5BX. Bread with tuna for breakfast, not bad.

    Did area cleaning n rested till 9am. Then we were instructed to carry the dismantled version of the CPSS to the volleyball court. The Air Purification Unit n Air-Condition Unit were fucking heavy. They can break your back just by carrying them. We received our test result next n I was relieved that I passed. Had porridge for lunch n we went back to check out the set up version of the CPSS. The guys from the other company had it done for us cos we're still new to it. It is very big, but the inside was hot n stuffy, just like what PC had told us.

    Had a good rest till 3.30pm n it was time for IPE drills again. It was easy after so many practices we've had. Dinner was average, but we had sharks' fin soup, without the sharks' fin that is. Friday has ended n it will be book out day tomorrow. Can't wait to see my dear Kim......

    31st May 2004, Monday
    It was another much dreaded Monday, but this week will be good due to the Vesak Day public holiday on Wednesday. As usual, had muster parade, foot drills n drawing of arms. Hate the M16 rifle. It hardly fit into the small cupboard we have. Spent the rest of the morning cleaning my rifle.

    Chin ups b4 lunch; the meal was good. Had a "standby universe" after lunch. It's another one of the brainless stuff in army. So troublesome to bring EVERYTHING out of our cupboard for the sergeants to check for illegal items. Luckily they didn't find anything.

    Evening, we played soccer!! Sergeant Jun You joined in n played against my team. He has the speed of a Formula One car, racing down the court chasing for the ball. One of his tackles even tripped me off my feet. Nevertheless, it was fun playing with him. It will be book out day tomorrow. Please come quickly......

    3rd June 2004, Thursday
    Booked in again, my holiday was crap. Spent the day doing the fucking 1500 essay n made me unable to keep my girlfriend company. Had physical training n we played soccer. PS joined in n I think it's more interesting with him playing with us. Sadly, the game ended prematurely due to thunder n lightning.

    Went back to bunk, took a bath n we had to put on the gas mask at 9am. The feeling is shit, but we have no choice. Had the hot n stuffy mask on our faces till lunch time at 12noon. 3hrs straight, we were half dead. Thank god lunch was good n our mood became better.

    Back to the mask again at 1.30pm, all the way to 3pm. It was getting harder as time passed. We even had to study for a test with the mask on. After a while, I really felt giddy straining my poor eyes to read the notes. Our optical lenses are still not ready yet. 300degrees of astigmatism per eye for me is no joke.

    Soon, the test was conducted n it was very tough. Failure is not impossibe. Had dinner n my day ended. Eventhough we didn't do much, but we were all exhausted. The mask is really powerful...

    4th June 2004, Friday
    Woke up, 5BX n chin ups. Choon Pien managed to do 2 chin ups today, a great achievement considering that he always failed to do even one. Glad that he's showing some improvement n hope that another platoon mate, Dharmendran, will show the same improvement too. Breakfast, bread with scrambled eggs, the usual stuff.

    Area cleaning again after a short rest. The drains surrounding the guard house were pathetic. The construction workers threw so much soil into the drains, I had a hell time cleaning it. We even saw a burst water pump n a lot of fresh drinking water was wasted. During our routine standby area, our water supply was cut off. Must be the burst pump.

    It was back to masking up at 9am. I felt really thirsty but there was no water to drink. Had porridge for lunch, one of the ways to quench my thirst. Had to mask up again at 1.30pm. It was getting real tiring. Unfortunately, some of us were caught without the mask n the whole platoon was made to fall in n stand still for 25minutes. Then, SG Vincent showed us all the other equipment that we haven't learnt. There are still a lot to learn even when we've already been in 39SCE for 2 months. It's Saturday tomorrow, our book out day. Hope PS won't give us another dreaded 100 push ups b4 booking out.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/26/2006 01:01:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Friday, February 24, 2006

    19 more days to go!!!

    Phew.. I'm back from camp finally. Booked out very very late due to the massive area cleaning we had to do in our ever so dusty bunk today. I drove back to camp last night. Went to pick up my bunk mate, Jun Liang, along the way. Last night was the 2nd time I hit the expressway, the TPE to be exact. I hit 90km/h, my 1st ever experience at that speed. It felt fine though, no trembling of the steering on my Sunny. The whole car was pretty stable even at 90km/h unlike the Toyota Vios I drove during my driving lessons. Driving back to camp was damn cool as I don't have to walk the bloody long road into my unit n I don't have to wear any proper attire. I booked in with my army singlet n running shorts. How comfortable! Haha..

    There was a battalion physical training this morning. It was a long n tiring 7km run. I went for it; my longest ever run in close to 3 months. I ran for about 6.5km n walked the rest in the midst of the run. The whole distance took me 35min flat to complete, not bad considering the fact that my stamina still needs a lot of tuning. My knee still hurts a little while running but thank god I was feeling good after the run. I think I have to apply the hot pack later n give it a good massage.

    Rested for the rest of the morning, chatting with my company medics about driving lessons. Had lunch at 12.30pm n slept till 2.30pm. I think it'll be the last time we'll sleep that long on our beds. After the good sleep, it was time for work. We had to throw away the old Lightweight Decon Suit(a type of chemical suit). At last, my platoon de-kitted at 4pm. We returned all of our gas masks n chemical protective suits. Woohoo!! I definitely won't miss those torturing n brain damaging chemical suits. We all felt a huge weight off our shoulders after parting with our "weapons". Hehe..

    After that, we cleared our cupboards, packing everything up, ready to bring all of them home. It has been almost 2 yrs since I 1st stepped into Seletar Camp. I can still remember the day I unpacked everything into my cupboard, how turned off I felt, how worried I was about what am I going to do in a chemical defence unit n how much I miss my ex-gf while I'm in camp.

    When we were done with packing up, we had to do a real thorough area cleaning in our respective bunks. Every single one of us did our part, no one was slacking. It was such a rare sight to see everyone cleaning the bunk. Perhaps the sudden rise in enthusiasm was fired up by the fact that we're leaving the hateful Seletar Camp very soon.

    A "standby area" was conducted after the cleaning up process. Our platoon sergeant came n inspected the bunk, pointing out the places we had neglected during the clean up. Every mistake constituted to us doing 10 pushups. The result?? My bunk mates n me did 200 in total. Freak.. All of us almost died after the "good training". When everything was over, it was already 6.30pm. We were of cos both uber hungry n tired. I drove my company mates out of the camp upon seeing them struggle to carry out the huge n super heavy bags. Sent Jun Liang home after that n I reached back home a shacked man. Lucky I had the car to get myself home, or else I can't imagine carrying the bloody heavy load back.

    It has been a week since I passed my driving test. I had since used up half a tank of petrol in my Sunny. The rate at which the petrol is being used up, I realized that this Nissan Sunny is a petrol guzzler, even though it's a manual transmission car. Can u imagine how much petrol it's gonna drink up if it's an auto car? I need money, petrol is damn expensive.

    ---19 more days to ORD---

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/24/2006 08:08:00 pm | 2 has delicate hands

    Packing up my cupboard

    One last look b4 taking down her picture in my cupboard. It has been 293 days since we broke up

    Untidy... Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/24/2006 08:07:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    ORD Gathering

    Today we had a platoon ORD gathering, that is, our last gathering b4 we leave The Army. Went to HabourFront Centre to have a buffet dim sum at the DragonGate Chinese Restaurant. Ken made the choice of the restaurant n I muz say he's got good taste. The food was good, n the price is pretty reasonable. The amount we had, it's definitely worth more than the S$15 each of us paid. There were 12 of us, obviously not the whole platoon was around(we have 22). The 12 of us took up a huge table n we ate like savagers. It was as if we hadn't ate for a few days. Haha, I think the waitresses there were shocked with the amount of food we ordered n finished. Everytime a new dish touched down on the table, it would be gone within 1minute. That was how fast we were.

    We entered the restaurant at 12noon n left at 2pm, a total of 2hours of savage eating. It's a good thing that we actually know when to stop ordering. Haha.. Had a birthday cake after eating to celebrate for those early babies in our platoon, me included. When everything ended, we left as a happy platoon, feeling damn satisfied with the amount of food we ate. Haha.. That's the trademark of army boys. We'll always eat like savagers.

    After the buffet, some of us went off while the rest headed to People's Park Centre at ChinaTown to check out the travel packages for our Phuket trip 2 weeks later. The prices were pretty attractive n we more or less had things settled, except for our oversea leave application, which will probably be done by tmr.

    After ChinaTown, the rest went home while I went to Bugis' Guanyin Temple to offer some joss sticks. Oh my, it was so damn crowded that I could hardly squeeze myself in. U can say I'm superstitious, but I have to thank Mother Goddess for helping me pass my driving test smoothly last week. I had gotten a Malay tester, one which my friends said is super good, n there was only ONE Malay tester in the driving centre. The one n only, n I had gotten him through drawing lots. How lucky huh?

    The temple trip took me almost half an hour squeezing in n coming out. Then I went to Sim Lim Square to get some stuff n returned home after that. I'm still pretty full now from the huge amount of dim sum I ate this noon. bleah..

    Back to camp now. Buh Bye~

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/23/2006 09:32:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Jun Liang(left) n Samuel in the MRT. "Catch me if u can", says Samuel

    My platoon mates waiting at HabourFront MRT station

    Dragon Gate

    In the lift

    Wore my new German jersey today

    Waiting to entre the restaurant

    At the table

    The restaurant is BiGG

    1st up, century egg congee

    1st batch of dim sum

    3mins later, all gone~

    Siew Mai

    Char Siew

    Ma Po Tofu

    Drunken steamed chicken

    Prawn ball with crabstick

    More balls

    The fried stuff

    Sausage roll

    seaweed prawn wrap

    More to come

    2nd batch of dim sum

    Dessert, fruits in milk sago

    The cake

    Cake with candles

    Is the cake so hard? Needing so many people to cut it

    Hu is this??| Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/23/2006 09:31:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    dat's me in the toilet. Am i really that tall?

    HabourFront. I saw Grace!! Haha.. She said i look kinda different now. Cleaner. Huh? Do i owas look dirty to her??

    People's Park Centre at ChinaTown

    Bugis, heading towards the temple

    Check this out

    Sim Lim Square.. Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/23/2006 09:28:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands