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    Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Ranie Yang Cheng Lin

    MQ said there's a natural cute-ness in this 22yr old Taiwanese singer. She's Ranie Yang. Really? Check out Taiwan's top three cuties

    Ranie Yang

    Jolin Tsai

    Cyndi Wang

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 6/25/2006 09:55:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    My Forgetfulness, The Murder, Last Week of Work

    MIA for a week now. Heh, it has been an eventful week. I'm still as sleepy everyday, looking like someone who haven't slept for a decade. As a result, I find it hard to focus on what I do n tend to be more forgetful. I had forgotten my keys twice now, something which didn't happen in the past. My skin condition has worsened too due to the lack of rest n dry air-conditioned working environment.

    This week marked the end of the whole attachment stuff n the students can now enjoy their one month of holiday before heading for their final year in NUS. 6 weeks has passed n we've seen 3 different batches of students. Some are fun loving while some are serious, but overall, they were great people to hang out with. I'll see if I'll meet them again in NUS 2months later when I go in.

    June is coming to an end, which also signifies my contract at TTSH is ending. It'll be my last week at work now. They had employed new assistants to replace the current group of us. Ee Ping, Selena, Yvonne n me will be leaving on the 30th June this coming Friday. Hehe, I'll be happy cos I can finally take a break, do something I want for a month n go back to school in August. On the other hand, I'll miss my great colleagues.

    The weather has been erratic as usual. Rainy n sunny days alternated each other through out the week. I'm down with flu again. A lot of people have been down with illness in my workplace too. So u can imagine the virus spreading around the icy cold pharmacy. Gave my hair a good cut in mid week after almost 2 months. Never had such long hair since I entered army in 2004. I'm back to my short crew cut now, free from the trouble of brushing my hair backwards n combing in the morning. Hehe..

    Oh, the World Cup had progressed into the knock out stage now. Sadly to say, Czech Republic crashed out of the tournament in the group stages. They came out with a bang, thumping USA 3-0, but injuries n suspensions killed their chances of going further. The golden generation of Pavel Nedved, Karel Porbosky, Vladimir Smicer n Jan Koller will have to bow out of the international scene without winning any honours with their country. Last night's match saw Argentina edge past Mexico 2-1 while Germany cruised past Sweden 2-0. Argentina n Germany will meet in the quarter-finals. GO GERMANY!! England will play Ecuador n Portugal will play Holland tonight. If England fails to get pass Ecuador, then they'll surely be condemned by the media n Sven Goran Eriksson be labeled as the main culprit of the exit. I'm glad that my favourite Jurgen Klinsmann is doing a great job for Germany eventhough this is his first time in a managerial position, so unlike the experienced but cautious Eriksson.

    The news this week covered yet another murder case involving China woman. This time round, the victim is a "study mama" from China working as a masseuse in Ang Mo Kio. Madam Yu Hong Jin was found dead last Sunday in the massage palour she ran with two other Chinese Nationals. She was apparently stabbed n strangled. The alleged murderer is hawker Eu Lim Hoklai. He was found lying on the floor of the same cubicle n bleeding from stab wounds. Who is this man? I know him, cos I ate in his "tse char" stall since I was very very young. His stall is just situated a few blocks away from mine. During the coffeeshop heydays, the whole coffeeshop can be packed with his patrons at night, finding a seat would be so hard. I once worked in the same coffeeshop before for a year when I was 14. He’s a nice man, quiet n mild mannered, that’s why the murder case came as a shock to my whole family. He already has a good n pretty wife who is willing to work for him in his stall everyday without fail, why did he have to keep the China woman n end up in such tragedy? I bet he must be deeply regretful now. I guess a jail term will be unavoidable now even if it's manslaughter instead of murder. Gone are the days when I'll see him standing at the counter taking food orders.

    Ok, I've written a lot. Sunday is coming to an end n I hope my flu will be gone by the time I wake up tomorrow.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 6/25/2006 08:28:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    19th June, Monday

    At the barber, ready to cut my hair

    20th June, Tuesday

    Rainy morning

    The rain was so heavy, my shoe was wet through n u can see the distinct colour difference

    Short hair

    Had the new chicken salsa burger for lunch in BuergerKing

    Eating with my female colleagues is a joy. Nope, not becos they're girls, but cos they owas can't finish n i can gobble up everything. I had 3 packs of fries becos they can't finish their share. I luv fries!!

    21st June, Wednesday

    I took a Cadbury train to work

    A huge chocolate on the floor of the train

    Students crowding at my printer area

    Night time, i went over to MQ's house for a dessert her mum cooked. Aloe Vera is my favourite! Delicious~

    22nd June, Thursday

    Student Michelle found a dead dragonfly n put it in a box n showed it to us.

    All of them were amazed

    23rd June, Friday

    Yet another rainy morning. This was what i saw under n block while on my way to work

    Novena station was flooded. The underground station's ceiling was leaking with rain water can u believe it?

    Wet floor

    Workers drying the floor


    Check out the pail of water




    Check out this video of the condition in the station

    Was late for work due to the flood

    XinQiao acting busy again

    Do i look like a PAP member wearing all white? It was the students' last day @ the pharmacy. Me n Xinqiao

    My last student, Enhui. We're loggerheads

    Lunch. EnHui(left) burnt her tongue drinking hot fish soup.

    the students

    I think my hair is not short enough for them. Goodbye guys. Cya in NUS

    This is Jun Yen preparing the polystyrene syrup for a patient. Last pic before leaving for work to meet my army mates

    The flood in the station has been cleared. I saw this huge "tube" with a ventilator-like thingy at the end of it

    I wonder what this thing can do to prevent future floods in the station

    Even the escalator was spoilt due to the flood

    @ Raffles MRT station with my army mates


    We had dinner @ Lau Pat Sat

    Satay from satay street



    Ken(left) n Wai Loong

    Me n nemesis Samuel!

    24th June, Saturday

    Saturday, went over to MQ's after work

    She boiled this flu medcine upon seeing that I'm sick. It may be the instant type, but i appreciate it. The bitter medicine tasted so sweet.... Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 6/25/2006 08:13:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    World Cup = Not Enough Sleep

    Heh, I'm back after almost a week away. It has been a busy n tiring week for me. Was preoccupied with both the World Cup n spending time with MQ. The World Cup is a week old now n a few teams had already qualified for the next round. Argentina is a revelation, Ecuador the surprise package, Brazil n England are huge disappointments. I can fall asleep watching England play. What the hell is the problem with the Englishmen anyway? They always have this huge hype about them before the tournament, but when the actual thing starts, they FLOP. Frank Lampard is anonymous, Joe Cole tries too hard to be clever, Steven Gerrard played out of position n Michael Owen lacking match sharpness. Somehow, I think Sven Goran Eriksson is crap. After being the England head coach for so many years, he still can't figure out his strongest starting eleven n his best team formation. I watch England play aimlessly, just like a headless chicken running everywhere without any idea about attacking football. Perhaps they should watch how Argentina, Germany, Ecuador, Holland n Spain play. If England continue playing like that, then forget about lifting the World Cup trophy, I bet Ecuador will beat them without much sweat.

    On the other hand, my beloved Germany is through to the next round with the help of the marvelous home support. I have this feeling that the Germans will go all the way to the Final. Spain walloped Ukraine 4-0 in their opening match, with my darling Xabi Alonso opening the scoring for the Spaniards. Hoho.. Best!! Spain has a few English based players now, which makes them even stronger than the past. Back then, most of them came from either Barcelona or Real Madrid. I can see the balance in the team now with a mixture of steel n flair in their play.

    Ok, the World Cup has disrupted my sleep pattern pretty badly this week. Watching a match at 12am n sleeping at 2am, waking up for work at 7.30am. Friday was the ultimate--staying at MQ's house n watching 3 matches in a row, from 9pm till 5am in the morning, n waking up at 8.30am for work on Saturday. Everyone at work thought I'm a heavy gambler n betted on soccer matches. Haha, I think they don't understand the passion I have for the game. I can't live without soccer, it runs in my blood. Watching every match doesn't mean I bet. I used to, but quit cos I realized I'll lose more than I win. My last best was the opening match of Euro 2004, when Greece beat hot favourites Portugal. I lost of cos, nobody would expect Greece to be such a solid team back then.

    Enough of soccer. My contract at work is coming to an end soon. It'll be my last 2 weeks starting tomorrow. I need a break, but I really enjoy my work, mainly due to the nice people working around me. Been meeting MQ a lot through out the week. Coming home from work together on the train n having dinner after that. It was nice being single for the past year, but then I did miss the times of having a companion, someone I can talk to, I can hold n love. I'm finding myself slowly growing more attached to her. First seeing her at age 12, not speaking to each other for the next 8 years, n then coming back together again. Fate is such a weird thing. I can sense the smile coming back into me. It took me a year; my darkest days are probably over. I'm really glad I have her with me now....

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 6/18/2006 01:47:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    14th June, Wednesday

    There was this band performance at the TTSH main atrium

    The performance was by Bedok View SS band

    Can u spot the instruments?

    Then my colleague saw mediacorp actress Lin Mei Jiao coming to the pharmacy for some medication. She got her autograph on a viagra writing pad!! Haha, what a joker. HARD QUALITY ERECTION!

    The 3rd batch of NUS students attached to my printer

    15th June, Thursday

    Whole lot of them. Xin Qiao staring at me. Oh no, don't hit me

    EnHui joking about a pill

    Checking out the pill


    16th June, Friday

    Friday morning, dark sky. Rain beckons

    So studious huh?

    So hardworking huh?

    Walking around the mall, we came upon these cute Doraemons.

    At the MRT station. I love this Adidas advetisement. Why? Cos there's Mchel Platini, Franz Beckenbauer n many other legends. As usual, Beckham is the centre of attraction.

    Moving down the escalator

    Our reflection

    Watching Argentina thrash Serbia&Montenegro 6-0 at MQ's house

    She went to sleep, leaving Nemo accompanying me for the night. This is how at look at 3.30am, watching my third match of the night- Mexico VS Angola

    17th June, Saturday

    I cooked dinner for her. Just some simple dishes

    Then she wash up the dishes

    Went to her house for a meet-her-parents session.

    After the Czech-Ghana match. It was 2am. View from her house Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 6/18/2006 01:41:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands