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    Wednesday, March 28, 2007


    I went back to my army camp ystd noon after i last went into it slightly more than a year. Due to my in-camp-training coming this June, I had to go for a PES status review cos i was downgraded temporarily after my knee surgery. The journey from school in BV to Seletar was one hell of a ride, taking close to two hours.

    When i reached my camp, everything had changed so much that I don't even know where to go for "booking in". That's the difference between when i ORD n now. The walk from the camp gate to Seletar Medical Centre was pretty nostalgic. I could still remember how i love that route cos it means getting an MC n BOOK OUT!! N of cos, i visit the place pretty often too, cos i hate staying in camp. Haha..

    The medical centre was undergoing some renovation works, seems that they gonna have a major infrastructure improvement for the whole camp eh? The wait was short n i saw the Medical Officer who is a reservist. A few checks n questions, he UPGRADED ME!! Damn, now i have to take the IPPT every year.. Boo.....!!

    Went to the canteen with nice food to had my lunch next. Guess what? Throughout my two years in that crappy place, nothing nice happened. But when i was walking by the roadside to the canteen, a few buses of upper sec school girls waved at me..... What the heck... Are they really so excited about army guys? Nevertheless, it felt good, i was never been waved at by so many girls. Hahahaha...

    Had my lunch, then had a nice n cheap haircut too. Everyone in there stared at me when i walked past them. Me having long dyed hair plus the tucking out of my shirt, it was just so not right if i'm a NSF. I left the camp in the evening n won;t see it again until June.

    I was on the bus towards the camp gate n i saw a Comet(see pic) driving past my bus. Major exercise i guess..

    Waiting in the medical centre

    Went Bugis today with MQ n popped by Sim Lim Square to check out some stuff

    Here's the posh Playstation 3 game consolePosted by Picasa

    RAMs are dirt cheap nowadays

    Katong Laksa for dinner. YUM~Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/28/2007 11:09:00 pm | 1 has delicate hands

    Monday, March 26, 2007


    Monday blues hit me once again after the hectic week i had last week. It was serious shit, sleeping less than 5hrs a day n surviving on only two meals cos time was running out as the datelines neared. Nevertheless, i managed to beat them all n submit everything well n on time. As a well deserved rest, i slept from Friday night till Saturday noon. I was thoroughly exhausted, juz wanting to put all my remaining homework away. It never ends I have to say. I should be coding my program now n not blogging, but everything had taken the fuel out of me. I need a re-pump of Shell V-Power petrol to keep me bursting with power.

    N yes, while i was playing around with my USB ports days back, i found my IR device decided to work miraculously. That means i can take photos with my old n trusted Nokia 6020 phone again. How great. This phone has been following me for close to two years now.

    AMAZING eh? I saw this lady sleep like this on the MRT a few months back, took it with my phone n only had the chance to upload now..

    This was one of my lectures last week..

    The first time i ate from the claypot store in Science CanteenPosted by Picasa

    Makeshift breakfast, my laptop, my notes, plus the lecture. Dat was how i rushed through everything.

    This was taken ystd. Can u see the little silver thing circled? it's a exhaust muffler tip. Hahahaha.. Damn funny, some car juz lost its asshole i guess

    Wad a rare coincidence to chance upon the M'sian train at Buona Vista this morning while i was heading to schoolPosted by Picasa

    Recently, Channel U started showing a Japanese drama called "Engine", starring the cool Kimura Takuya. I was hooked n watched it through youtube over the weekend. It's a very meaningful n touching show about an orphanage home n a washed out Formula3000 racer(Kimura). The scene below showed the orphanage being closed down n Kimura has to drive the bus n send each one of them away to different homes.

    I was heart wrenched by the sight of the little boy in it n couldn't control my tears when he shouted for Jiroh(Kimura). That was the first time in dunno how long my tear ducts were called into action. Kids are my weakest point....

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/26/2007 08:58:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    Crunch Time

    That's it, this week has arrived. I have 2 projects plus two major assignments to hand it by Friday. Rushing is all I know now. Great work, let's see if i can survive this week. Things are getting tougher n tougher by the day. This morning's MIPS Assembly coding Lab caused a shock to our lecturer cos 95% of the students have no idea how to do it, so she extended it to next week.

    Surprising isn't it? Even those foreign scholars was stumped which the lab. Well, this simply shows that SoC is really a crappy place to be. Things are so tough that even if u squeeze out every single drop of brain juice, it's not gonna guarantee u a correct solution to a computing problem. I must salute our forefathers for inventing the all so important machine of today. How the hell they actually think of the various programming languages for the processor? I'm dumbfounded when i found out the complexity of it. Seriously, u don't wanna know how mind boggling is it.

    I was thinking so much about programming(Java & MIPS) that i dreamt about it a few times when i went to sleep at night. Hai, my life's screwed, how to survive the 4 yrs in NUS SoC? I dunno....

    Here's the Monday morning rush of Buona Vista

    A break from SoC, i went to engineering school to carry out my silicon wafer fabrication lab

    The roadmap of Intel processors as well as RAMs

    Student hard at workPosted by Picasa

    Went for seafood dinner last week at Red House in ECP

    Groupers in the tank


    Their chilli crab is the best. Imagine pincers the size bigger than my palm!Posted by Picasa

    Prawn wrap with salad sauce

    Lastly, prawns

    This is the photolithography mask i used for my wafer fabrication

    Cool eh? This is a fabricated 2inch silicon waferPosted by Picasa

    A closer viewPosted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/19/2007 10:30:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, March 15, 2007

    7th April

    How i wish i can go to her concert on this day. I want to see her dance moves, i want to hear her voice live, i want to immerse myself in her music at the indoor stadium.

    Sexy, Pretty & Juicy?

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/15/2007 08:49:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Kian Wai turns 22

    Ok, this post took me a hell long time to get it up. Why? It's because the geniuses in Blogger decide to abolish the Hello programme n restricts us to use only the bloody Picasa to upload the pictures. How great eh? This stupid Picasa only allows me to queue a pathetic FOUR pictures with each post. WTF, Hello didn't even have any limit. Picasa uploads like a tortoise n the connection will drop VERY OFTEN. KNN, imagine i have 52 photos to upload, n i need to wait damn long for every 4 photos to be uploaded, not forgetting the frequent connection drops. That means i have to post a total of more than13 times to get ONE complete post up online. CCB, it's getting on my nerves. Then i have to consolidate, copy n paste all the html codes of the pictures into one complete post. After that, delete all the individual posts consisting of 4 pictures each. Screwed up, fucked up, FED UP!!

    Ok, i feel better now.. Haha.. As the post title showed, Kian Wai had turned 22 following me, Lesley n Alvin. The team had a gathering ystd at Marina Square's Billy Bombers. Food was average, I nv liked BB ever since i ate there once 2 yrs ago. It was great to see Su Feng again after she came back from student exchange programme in Scotland. That was 6 months ago, but she didn't change much, haha, except for......... Haha, ok, check out the pictures

    Billy Bombers

    Am i very noisy to Su Feng?


    The menuPosted by Picasa

    What to order eh?

    Kian Wai

    Poh Siang, he's going to Temasek Poly next month

    HEH?Posted by Picasa

    She showed me her left middle finger


    Cheese Fries

    Here's my seafood spaghettiPosted by Picasa

    Kian Wai's pork ribs

    Poh Siang's dunno wad

    Su Feng n Janice shared this

    Lesley wolfed down this after coming back from her kayaking trainingPosted by Picasa

    She's one red hot lobster when she came

    Red Bernice

    Dinner done

    @ the carpark, I saw a cool BMW M5, n do i look like i'm ready to piss on it?Posted by Picasa

    Nah, juz wan a pic with it..

    Cool car with lots of character.. I'll own u one day

    Sorry, this ain't BMW M5

    It was Bernice's Sonata. SDU==Singapore's desperate & ugly.. Haha, joking joking...Posted by Picasa

    Car squeezing has become part of the routine when we head out for gathering everytime

    Janice took the cam n snapped Mr Tan

    The golden haired Hyundai driver

    Looking comfortable?Posted by Picasa

    We headed to HK Cafe @ Siglap for more food

    Wad's this???

    Pig's brain??

    It's soya beancurdPosted by Picasa

    Rest of the food

    Polo bun

    A tub cost $5.90, enough for 4 bowls

    Lobster eats soya??Posted by Picasa



    Bleah..Posted by Picasa



    My teeth

    Bored?Posted by Picasa

    Pretty lady n pretty car?? I'll choose the latter. Nothing beats having a ride in this hot vintage white Mazda RX7. Reminds me of Initial D's Takahashi Ryosuke...

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/11/2007 10:39:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands