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    Thursday, March 30, 2006


    it rained again today, real heavily during the noon at Novena. I was in the air-conditioned pharmcy n it was damn cold. The coldness almost numbed my fingers, making the medicine packing even harder. Thank god there wasn't much people today. It was so weird, the lunch time crowd at the pharmcy waiting area wasn't even there. Usually, the period between 1-2pm is the busiest, but it was otherwise today. I even had the time to slack around n listen to the females gossip. Heh

    In last night's Champions League match, Inter won Villareal 2-1 at the San Siro, while Lyon n Milan drew to a 0-0 stalement. I think Villareal stands a good chance if they can defend well back in Spain for the return leg. As for Milan n Lyon, the game is still wide open, anyone of them can go through, but I'll be rooting for Lyon because former Reds gaffer, Gerard Houllier, is the French champions' manager now.

    I can feel the soreness in the petallar tendon today. It's so bad i think it's kinda swollen. Damn, I'll need ice pack everyday to cool it off. The long hours of standing while working is doing it no good. Better heal quick. I still want to play soccer again. Miss scoring goals...

    Friday tmr, last day of work, 31st March, Poh Siang's birthday as well. Hehe.. Meeting the great team mates tomorrow. Till then, gdnite~

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/30/2006 10:35:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    Nissan, Shift_ The Future

    Alright, credit to Miss Frabegas, Arsenal won the match against the Old Lady at Highbury hands down. 2-0 was the final scoreline, with Cesc Fabregas n Thierry Henry on the scoresheet. Juventus even had 2 men sent off late in the game while former Gunner, Patrick Vieira, received a yellow card. All these 3 players will miss the return leg at Turin 2 weeks later. Fabregas produced one of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt n outplayed Vieira. So yeah, this talented young Spaniard won the battle of the midfield. In another match, Barcelona drew with Benfica in Portugal, with the Catalans wasting a handful of chances. However, Barca shouldn't have any problem beating them at Nou Camp in the return leg. Inter Milan will play against Villareal n AC Milan against Olympique Lyon later tonight. Let's see if surprise package Villareal can produce another miracle tonight. Milan n Lyon will be another mouth watering clash, with both teams playing explosive attacking games.

    Went to fetch mum back from her mahjong game last night. It was 12.30am n the road was pretty empty. I had to drive past this freeway juz beside the MRT track between Tampines n Pasir Ris. It was straight n long. Suddenly, I had this urge to test out the power of the car. So, I let the demon in me out. My foot went flat stepping on the accelerator, changing gear with the engine revving at 5000rpm, Gear one, gear two, gear three, gear four, then gear five. I hit 80km/h within a few seconds. The engine was extremely loud at 5000rpm. Conclusion: Power~! Ok, I know a Nissan Sunny may not be a sports car like the Skyline, WRX or Evo, but heck, u can’t ask for more with a S$50k car producing that kind of engine power. Adrenaline filled my whole body n mind when I felt the car dash forward with 105bhp. Upon hitting 80km/h, I cooled off. Not safe going too fast, n it's illegal of cos.

    I had a tiring day at work today. Almost fell asleep standing up. It's been raining everyday since the start of the week. I wonder why.

    Ok, I gotta crash, goodnite folks......

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/29/2006 11:53:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Fabregas running away in celebration after opening the scoring

    2nd goal scred by Henry. Arsenal is cruising

    Eto'O in despair after missing another chance

    Ronaldinho curling in a freekick, but the xoreline stayed 0-0 Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/29/2006 11:46:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    New Pharmacists

    I went to work very early today cos I was assigned the early shift. Gotta report for work at 8.30am, but I get to knock off at 5.30pm. A new week, a new start, n new pharmacists that juz graduated came n join our family. Not surprisingly, all of them are females. They look pretty young too, at most 3 or 4yrs my senior. Astonishingly, one of the new pharmacists came n asked me if I need help in the packing during the early hours. I was stunned n didn't know what to say. I mean, no pharmacist ever asked me that. Haha, perhaps it was her first day n she didn't know what should a pharmacist do n what she shouldn't do. I juz said "Er.. No.."

    I read today's DigitaLife n saw that Dell Computers has finally introduced its first Duo Core Intel Processor powered laptop. Guess what? It's selling at only S$1599! Gosh, do u know how affordable it is?? I felt a sudden urge in getting one after playing with Bernice's lappie 2 days ago. Haha.. I have to stop myself from spending again. Went to walk around at Tampines Mall n Century Square after work, n I got Mr Soh Kian Wai's gift at last. I'm having so many gifts in my house now, I think I'll be a Santa Claus this coming Friday when the team meets up for Poh Siang's birthday.

    Arsenal will be playing Juventus n Benfica against Barcelona later tonight in the Champions League. I do get a little jealous seeing that Liverpool get booted out so early in the knock out stages. Last season this period, Liverpool was the one lining up against Juventus, n they won the 2-legged tie impressively, going through with a 2-1 aggregate, n the rest is history. Now, Arsenal will be the one, n Juventus is much stronger now due to the addition of Patrick Vieira. It'll be interesting to see which player comes up tops in the match. Will it be young Spaniard Cesc Fabregas or experienced Frenchman Patrick Vieira? What ever it is, Pavel Nedved, David Trezeguet, Zlatan Ibrahimovic n Alessandro Del Piero will certainly make Arsenal sweat for a place in the last four.

    Let the match begin.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/28/2006 11:04:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Was on my way to lunch. I saw this Honda Integra Type-S with a unique car paint.

    Novena Square. Went there for lunch at BurgerKing

    Something funny. Saw it on a friend's blog Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/28/2006 11:03:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, March 27, 2006

    I'm Being Discharged

    My horoscope for the day:-
    Aquarius--You're able to come through for a friend in a way that he or she will genuinely appreciate. Heck, it's no skin off your nose. In fact, u love helping people out like this. It makes u appreciate your own life.

    How true huh.. I helped Bernice with her laptop ystd n I saved Miss Fabregas the hassle of walking in the rain to take the bus to school this morning.

    It was a rainy day today. Went for my physiotherapy in the noon. Before that, I headed down to Marina Square to buy the much need Petallar Tendon Brace for my knee. Finally got it at Royal Sporting House. Not that Tampines Mall doesn't have this store, but they don't sell the brace that I need. Lousy store! I had to go all the way to City Hall n rushed down to Outram Park after that.

    The rehabilitation centre was very empty today. I wonder why. I only waited for less than 3minutes before my physiotherapist came to look for me. She seemed pretty joyful today, smiling more than ever. She looked kinda different, and then I realized she changed her spectacles. Haha.. The pretty physiotherapist was around too, but she wore her glasses this time round. Hmm, I still prefer her spectacle-less look 2 weeks ago.

    I strapped on the brace n did some exercises. My physio said that my petallar tendon is having some inflammation due to overstress. After the surgery, my quadriceps is not as strong as b4, resulting in adding more stress to the petallar, causing it to be inflamed. With the strap on, it'll give the petallar more support while I continue strengthening my quad. Once my quad gets back its strength, I can take off the strap for good.

    So yeah, I jumped n did weight lighting with my left leg. There wasn't much pain with the strap on. Had ultrasound again after all the exercises. Then, my physiotherapist came n told me she'll discharge me. That means I don't have to come back anymore. I felt both happy n sad at that moment. Happy because I can finally cope with the situation myself, n sad because I'll won't be seeing the kind people at the centre again. Before I left, I thank the physio assistant that helped me with the ultrasound during my past visits. She's a very kind lady. For the first time, I paid for the session cos I'm no longer a civil servant n I'm not covered under their medical benefits. It cost me $20, but it'll be my last time there.

    During my way out of SGH, I saw a pretty cool red Mitsubishi EVO IX in the car park(check pics), but when I was juz getting out of the Outram Campus, a Lamborghini Gallardo drove past me!!!!! GOSH!! It was bright orange in colour n the sound of the V12 engine is spectacular to say the least. Oh man.. it was so fast, I had no time to fish out my handphone from my pocket n snap a picture of it.

    Went City Hall again, this time to Funan DigitaLIFE Mall. Went there to get Poh Siang his birthday present. After much searching around the whole mall, I finally found the prefect gift for him. This Friday the whole team will be meeting up to have dinner with him at Siglap. I still can't figure out what to get for Mr Soh Kian Wai as his birthday gift.

    Alright, I'll go watch Desperate Housewives n Grey's Anatomy now. It's back to work tomorrow.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/27/2006 10:01:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Walking in CityLink Mall. Such a rarity to see it so empty

    Marina Square

    The store

    Fake models along the catwalk highway

    @ SGH. I ate the yummy poh piah


    The brace

    On my knee

    Having ultrasound. The assistant applying the gel onto my knee



    Leaving, i saw this Very Very new Mitsubishi EVO IX. I love red!!

    The huge spoiler on the boot cover n fins on top of the car. These two parts play a big part in the car's stability during high speed cruising or cornering.


    Red coloured brake calipers. The rims dun look nice. The owner shd get it sprayed gold in colour

    See the yellow colour powerful suspension? The car will depend a lot on it for superior stability during high speed turning. It prevents Over- or Under-steering.


    Empty concourse. No exhibition today

    Can u figure out what this blue car is? When i was leaving Funan, this EVO sped off like a speed demon. The turbocharged car's turbo engine created such a huge roar, it gave me the high.. Haha

    This is what i got for Poh Siang. Can u guess what it is? Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/27/2006 10:00:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands


    Sheesh, I juz came back from Katong. Drove there to pick Miss Fabregas up to send her to school. It started raining once I got into the car at 5.45am. N then, it got heavier n heavier. When I was driving along the ECP, the road was so full of water that it looked like I was driving on a river. It was another test for me as I had never driven in such heavy rain before. My wiper was at full swinging speed n my car's speed hardly exceeded 70kmh. Visibility was damn low n there were HUGE puddles of water everywhere. The weather condition did scare me a bit. I had to drive extra carefully..

    U should listen to what Miss Fabregas said in the morning when I called her. When I arrived at her place, the whole house was pitch dark, nobody seemed to have woken up. I thought she was still in her bed, so I called her.

    Me: Eh, u wake up liao not?

    Ms Fabregas: Ya....... (Super sleepy voice)

    Me: Then how come your house no light one?? So dark!

    Ms Fabregas: Orh, cos it's raining mah..... So dark dark lor.....

    Me: HUH??? Ok nvm, how long more u need to come out?

    Ms Fabregas: 5 more minutes.......

    Me: Okok

    I don't understand what she was saying. Raining then dark dark? Haha.. The sun is still not out yet at 6.15am, rain or no rain, it'll always be dark right?? Perhaps she was still sleepy.

    I drove into TPJC for the first time, n the school did change quite a bit. They installed a new automatic car barrier at the school's exit. Hmm, that's very good, cos it stops the car from driving out of the gate at high speed n knock down any student walking across the school gate.

    The timing was perfect n I reached home by 7am. Heh, now I have a better idea of how to get to Katong n how to handle the car in super heavy rains.

    I was too tired to blog ystd. Spent the day fixing Bernice's precious laptop after sending mum to Simei for her usual mahjong game. The laptop was being infected with uncountable number of malwares n I had no choice but format the whole hard disk. Never fixed a laptop before in my life but the software stuff is the same as a desktop. Didn't have much trouble bringing the Fujitsu laptop back to life, but it took quite some time to bring it back to normal working condition. That blur Bernice actually left all the software drivers in her hostel at NTU. Kaoz, n she brought her laptop back home hoping she could fix it juz by installing freewares to handle the malwares. I almost went upside down when she told me that. Haha.. it's hard to find girls that know about computers, n Bernice is really not a computer person. "I dunno what drivers n stuff.. I only know my laptop can use then ok liao.." she said. Ok fine, that's normal. Guys dunno much about shopping either.

    Returned the laptop to her late at night n I went for supper with my army mates at Fisherman's Village at Pasir Ris beach. Chatted n laughed like crazy as usual. The food was good too, but a little expensive. I’m going to be so dead, eating those unhealthy stuff so often nowadays. Really bad for my health. We left the place at 1.30am exhausted, but we still had the energy to play with Stephen's Mercedes Benz!! Haha.. How cool huh? He has a posh Benz to drive right after passing his driving test. That's the good thing for having a rich dad. Heh.. Nvm, I'll work hard to achieve my goal of buying a BMW 5 Series. It was like a driving party last night. Stephen with his Merc, Burt with his Corolla n me with my Sunny. I sent Chye Soon back to his Ubi home. That was the place I learnt my driving. Driving back there do bring back some memories.

    Went to fetch mum home after that n I reached home at 2.30am. Yawnz.. Bathed n brushed my teeth, n I collapsed on the bed at 3am. I'm so so so tired now after waking up at 5am juz now. So yeah, I'm going back to bed again. No work for me today cos I have a physiotherapy session later at SGH.


    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/27/2006 07:20:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Cleaned the interior of my sunny ystd. Dusty mats

    Clean up!!

    The ordinary looking pedals. I want to change them into MOMO pedals..

    Bernice's laptop

    So typical of a girl huh? These little stickers on her laptop.. N she claimed that they're very cute.. -_-"

    Super time

    All of them. Weiliang has got demonic eyes!!!

    From left: Chye Soon, Weiliang n Dharmendran


    BBQ stingray

    Fried Kway Teow

    Fried Noodles

    Hot plate tofu. Check out the steam~

    BBQ Grouper in chilli

    Burt(left) n Stephen

    Me n Hao Pin

    Burt checking out Stephen's Merc

    Nice car

    Me with Burt on the Merc. Notice that we're wearing the same colour?? We looked like a gay couple walking together last night. Hahaha!!

    Chye Soon bending over to have a closer look

    I think Burt is still hungry after the supper. He wanted to bite off the Mercedes sign

    Picture of this morning in the car when i was waiting for Miss Fabregas to come out of her house. Like what she said, the rain looked like a waterfall... Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/27/2006 07:19:00 am | 0 has delicate hands