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    Monday, August 31, 2009


    Another week starts, another 5 days of work.

    Counting down, Week 4

    During CS4213 lab today.. Dealing with Ogre n Visual Basic 08

    Night time went Crystal Jade for dinner with family. Sharks' fins

    Fried tofu... i luv tofu..


    pork ribs + bittergourd in black sesame sauce

    Too late, cereal prawn only left two pieces when pic was taken

    Red bean paste for dessertPosted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/31/2009 09:15:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    7th Lunar Month

    This time of the yr is here again.. Getai, auction dinner, opera and jossticks everywhere. Stay safe, n the mooncake festival awaits.

    Paul's new hairstyle 2 weeks ago in NM4213 class

    Went for one auction dinner

    Cold dish

    sharks' fin


    chicken ginseng soup

    fake abalone

    steam pomfret


    Kong ba bao

    mum bidded this for $400

    Huat Black Gold!Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/30/2009 07:43:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Wednesday, August 26, 2009

    Another gay blog

    N with MTVs like this, it is no wonder the teens are doing it so early.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/26/2009 12:59:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Ride Test

    This week is gonna be the last week that I can at least slack a bit.. Next week onwards, it's gonna be nothing but school work. So yeah, I took the chance of my Tuesday free day ystd to test out the bike after changing the damaged front tyre during the weekend. Maxxis High Roller is the new one, replacing the 10yr old Panaracer. Check out the pics

    The day started with dim sum bfast at Crystal Jade with mum



    Set off my journey from home at 2pm.. It drizzled a bit in Tampines when I left hse, but by the time i hit ECP, the sun shining like crazy.. It was scorching as u can see..

    Finished the whole stretch of ECP n went up the bridge

    I haf no idea wad they gonna build here.. It used to be heavily forested..

    The F1 paddocks... N thanks to this F1 event slightly more than a month away, I was stuck in my planned route due to barriers erected around the track after i descended from the bridge.. Ended up i need to walk/crawl/fly on terrain that's not meant for human..

    I was then stuck within the loop of the F1 track.. U can see the overhead floodlights here on the metal racks.. Shortcuts were impossible and i need to travel almost the whole loop of the F1 track to get out of it..

    Stuck with nowhere to go..

    After much trouble. i reached Pasir Panjang via Shenton Way/Keppel Road

    Taking a break outside Vivocity, overlooking the bridge to Sentosa

    The 2nd IR of SG on Sentosa.. I can see it taking shape pretty quickly..

    Left Vivocity...

    N went to Seah Im hawker centre opposite..

    My much needed hydration boost.. The sun was amazing...

    then headed down to Orchard Rd via Tiong Bahru.. this is the new Ion Orchard shopping mall...

    Eh, wad fruit is this? Avocado? When i saw the huge "Cartier" brand outside the mall, i noe this isn't my type of shopping mall..Posted by Picasa

    Headed back towards the east after this.. Cycling along Orchard Road in the midst of the peak hr is one kinda experience.. The new tyre feels good, hopefully there will be more time for such rides next time..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/19/2009 09:33:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Friday, August 14, 2009


    School has started, or in fact, the first week of school is already over. Went back to school on Tuesday noon, n it was so crowded. Somehow, I already got used to the peaceful n quiet environment of NUS during Special Semester. Now wif everyone back, i'm kinda not used to it.

    So wad can i expect for the next 15weeks?? Well, full of projects, n only one single examination. Sounds relaxing eh? Wahaha, my timetable is even better. 4-day week, with each day no more than 4hrs of class. Amazing rite? Apparently not. Cos the extra time will be all spent on preparation work, especially the projects, which can be killers. Good thing is, i won't be doing them alone as they are all group projects.. PHEW!!

    On the side note, Thursday was result release day.

    2008/2009 Sem 4 Examination for COMPUTING 3

    Module Code Module Title Grade
    NM2208 Principles of Visual Communication B+

    See, i ALWAYS do better in modules outside of Computing. Let's hope this semester will be good, cos I'll haf no BGR distractions for the 1st time. Set a high target for myself, n hopefully i'll achieve it.

    The last few days b4 sch opened was kinda bored, so i kinda went back to previous seasons of Smallville n browsed through the episodes. Well, Top Gear season juz finished, EPL still had a week, n i haf nothing to watch.

    A Smallville junkie like me really like those parts between Lana n Clark when they were still in the farm. I like their struggles, though alot will disagree, cos they're sick n tired of the whole "Clana" thing, but not me. The uncertainty, the sadness, the complications, the helplessness in their relationship is owas wad keep drawing me back.

    But i wun be seeing those anymore, cos Lex n Lana are officially out of Smallville since the previous season. It has now become Lois n Clark, which to me, isn't as exciting n intriguing as Lana n Clark. I seriously need my weekly dosage of Smallville back.

    Watch OneRepublic @ Smallville 7x13 - Clip 3 in Entertainment | View More Free Videos Online at

    This is oso wad i like abt the show. They'll owas haf some nice soundtrack at the end of some episodes to wrap things up. How nice..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/14/2009 07:11:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, August 09, 2009


    Today is Singapore's 44th birthday, n in conjunction with that, all Shell petrol stations had a special discount of 44cents off per litre of fuel of all grades, including diesel, from 4pm to 5pm.

    I knew abt this ystd n foresee a massive queue forming up to pump the petrol. LoL.. So i tried my luck n see if i can catch the deal, the 4wheeler is barely one quarter full anyway. Went Simpang Bedok's branch as I was around that area n started queueing at 3.45pm. Initally, everything started nice, i could follow up the queue slowly while enjoying the radio. But, be it National Day or not, ugly Singaporeans will owas surface.

    Some idiots actually tried to cut queue. I encountered one preying on me as i was caught off guard. After giving him a LOOOONG loud horn n driving aggressively towards his bloody Toyota Altis, he chickened out n I gave him the bird.

    It really fired me up n i became super aggressive all the way to the pump station. Idiots who want the deal but dun wan to queue ought to be shot. One pretty lady driving a big 2.4L Camry even gave me a wave pleading for me to give way. HAHAHA. I smiled n gave her a wink b4 cutting her off. Pretty means no need to queue? Fuck Off i say.

    Eventually I got the deal at 4.15pm. $45 for one full tank, kaoz, that's seriously cheap. Well, ugly scenes soon followed as I saw drivers arguing n a pair almost fought, throwing punches but none landed on each other. I stood one side enjoying the show, wad a great National Day. Then when I came back to Tampines, I couldn't turn into my street due to massive jams created by the queue leading to another Shell station near my house.. Check out the pics..


    Singaporeans love to queue

    $1.308 for 1 litre of Shell 95, craziness


    The whole stretch of Tampines Ave 2 was immobile.. Thanks to Shell

    Stayed at home at night to watch the National Day Parade on TV, n i was shock to see "terrorist attack" on Channel News Asia

    Cheryl Fox

    it all turned out that it's juz a show.. Hello, this is not funny at all, real or fake..

    Pole Dancing on NDP


    City Skyline


    Singing the National Anthem

    Men in White

    Mr President n Chief of Army


    Cute little girl

    President giving the performers some handshakes b4 taking his leave

    This yr, the NDP's main focus was on this girl. The Netizens are crazy abt her after catching her momentarily on TV

    I see Abigail n a Liverpool fan

    The bf looked so inappropriately dressed for NDP

    Happy 44th National Day Singapore

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/09/2009 09:13:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands