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    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    Rice Dumplings

    I read the Digital Life provided by Selena today n I'm damn tempted to get myself a new 19inch LCD screen. With prices as low as S$399 for a 19" 8ms response time screen, this has got to be deals not to be missed this coming PC Show which starts on Thursday. Other than the LCDs, I had set my eyes on a pretty affordable laptop from HP. It runs on the new AMD Turion64 micro-processor n has great features such as Win XP Professional edition, DVD-/+RW optical drive n a biometric fingerprint sensor, all for just S$1899. I choose AMD over Pentium Centrino cos it's such a power saver n runs at a lower optimum temperature. Hmm... Even my desktop is powered by the AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton processor chip. Haha.. It seems that I'm anti-Intel huh?

    It was super busy at work today, so much so that all of us almost went bonkers packing the huge order of medicine. I was running up n down, clearing the buffers as well as looking for medicine. I had to leave work a little bit later than my scheduled time because of that. Heck.. Me n Adrian was like half dead through out our journey home to Tampines. When we sat down on the train, both of us immediately fell asleep, that was how tired we were.

    Mum finally finished making the rice dumplings today! I got home n saw a bunch of freshly made dumpling. I couldn't wait n grabbed one to eat even before dinner. Yummy delicious! Mum makes the best dumplings! My 4th aunt n cousin came over for dinner, taking some dumplings with them when they leave. Come to think of it, this cousin of mine actually looks a little bit like Fann Wong. Haha.. We're not very close though, seeing each other only during CNY every year. Just when I dreamt of Fann Wong last night, she came to my house today. Such coincidence.

    Went to Circuit Road after dinner to get some vegetarian dumplings from my 2nd Aunt. These will be used as offerings to the deities. I forgot when was the last time I went there to visit them at work. That place used to be my parents' usual hangout place after work before giving birth to me. Reached home at about 11pm, totally exhausted.

    Wednesday tomorrow. It'll be Adrian's last day at work. Good Night.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/30/2006 11:54:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Here are some extra pics i got from Selena on the BBQ @ Granduer8


    Adrian n Rasmi




    The PTs

    paying attention

    Rasmi squeezing water outta sponge


    The rice dumplings mum made

    Mum chatting with 4th aunt n cousin while they had their dinner

    Went over to fetch another cousin, nephew Elton n Edmund to circuit road

    reached our destination

    circuit road


    My 2nd Aunt's food stall

    It's just beside the construction site on SG's last highway. It's gonna be the longest underground expressway in Asia, the Kallang/Paya Lebar Expressway


    This is one of Singapore's oldest hawker centre

    Had some desserts

    N lastly, Rojak Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/30/2006 11:50:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    What a Joke

    Heh, good morning. I just woke up from my sleep n i actually remembered my dream. Most of the time i wake up trying to recall what happened but to no avail, unless the person I dream is a special someone in my life.

    Ok, I dreamt that I had a girlfriend, n she's Fann Wong. Haha, go laugh all u want, cos i was laughing at myself too when I opened my eyes just now. What the heck in my brain thinking??? Perhaps i watch too much TV cos she's appearing on a Channel8 drama series every weekday 9pm. None of my friends look like her anyway.

    Haha, ok, gotta go bathe n head for work soon. It's Tuesday, n the sky looks dark now. Rainy day? Anyway, it's Digital Life Day!! Heh, PC Show is starting this Thursday, time to look for good deals..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/30/2006 07:53:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, May 29, 2006

    Tekong Days

    Monday, I woke up early today to get ready for work, but something very stupid happened. I actually forgot where I had placed my glasses the night before n was searching for it frantically just before I was about to leave the house. The search caused me to be late for work. I really felt like a cock. Dad was back from Siberia ystd evening. He had been away for 3 weeks, n in this 3 weeks I had spent a whopping S$104.50 on petrol. Heck, it's time he take the car n share some burden. We had dinner as one whole family last night, a thing we last did the night he left for Siberia 3 weeks ago on 6th May. It is good to have a meal together.

    My Sunday was spent "overseas" Haha, not exactly out of country, but to a Singapore offshore island. Went to Pulau Ubin with MQ for a cycling trip. Due to our late night on Saturday, we were both looking pretty stone on Sunday morning. It was the first time I ventured onto the island on my own, lest an OBS camp back in 1999 on the island. The ferry terminal is much nicer n better now as it was being rebuilt. Access to the bump boats is safer n easier too.

    Off we went on the slow bump boat onto the island, the last place in Singapore that still have a kampong environment. The ride was pretty short n we reached the island with the sun shining brightly. Took a short walk through the small street n decided to rent a bike for the day. We bought some drinks n off we went into the biking trial. We rode on the tarmac surface that is pretty easy n smooth. Saw some weird plants n a huge quarry. The view of the quarry is fantastic but sadly it is being fenced up due to safety reasons.

    Suddenly the sky started to darken n we could hear thunder. My worst fear had been confirmed. The rain is coming. We stopped by the street near the jetty n had our lunch while avoiding the rain. The rain didn’t fall heavily, instead, it drizzled. The heavy drizzle lasted for about 3hours! MQ n I almost fell asleep in the Ubin Heritage Centre waiting for the rain to stop. When the rain finally stopped at 3pm, we were only left with 2 hours before we had to return the bikes. So off we went into the trail again. This time, we ventured into the rocky n muddy dirt track of the forest.

    The route instantly reminded me of the days in Tekong when I had to march ten over kilometres on the muddy n uneven route, giving myself numerous blisters on my feet. MQ struggled through some part of the rocky surfaces, but came through unscathed, I'm duly impressed. An unseasoned rider like her can actually follow me through the pretty tough route, which is something quite incredible.

    We ended up on the other side of the island after losing our way on the route to a quarry. I have to say the map of the island suck, I should have brought a compass with me instead. The trip wasn't wasted though. We had a very nice view of Singapore mainland from our location, n I could even show her where my army camp is cos we were very near to the Punggol n Seletar area. Took a short break n we rushed back to the bike shop when time was running out.

    It was fun, except that the rain shortened the time we had to explore the island. Another time perhaps? Haha.. MQ ended up with wobbly legs on our way back. Lucky that she could still get on n off the boat on her own, albeit with a helping hand from me. We grabbed a bite in Changi Village before heading for home. Our day was spent fully on the island, most of it under the shelter waiting for the rain to stop. Hehe.. I think I'll want to go there again very soon.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/29/2006 11:36:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    First pic of the day. Just when i was setting off, i saw this BMW 318i opp my Sunny. Heh, some rich guy in my block has bought a 2nd hand BMW.

    Wait for MQ under the block.




    The bump boat


    Leaving the jetty


    Off we went

    Changi coast

    Nice sea breeze


    Pulau Ubin island at a distant

    Ubin jetty

    On the island!!



    The small street full of bicycle rental shops

    On our bike, we went deeper into the island

    Da Bo Gong Temple

    Lush greenery

    Long road ahead

    Attap houses

    Hoho, check out the dark clouds

    A really scary scarecrow

    a Small beach

    Little waves

    SIngapore mainland

    Tall tree

    My bike

    Started to rain loh....

    In a little coffeshop, hiding from the rain, having our lunch


    Huh? "Rich"?? I think they mean "Rice"

    Windy outside


    She had fried rice

    I had hokkien Mee

    Here we are, waiting for the rain to stop in the Ubin Heritage Centre

    I made a star using a lemon leaf

    Put it onto her finger, resembling a ring

    Then onto my own

    Finally, the rain stopped n we continued riding. Went past this tree with fruits growing out of its trunk

    One of the many quarries on the island

    More of it

    Some weird fruit again

    We went into this resort called Marina Country Resort. I never knew there's such a place on the island

    There's even a rock wall in the resort

    A tower

    The restaurant in the resort

    Into the forest!

    This is the other side of the island




    Can u see the HDB flats in Pasir Ris?

    A small island full of trees near Ubin

    Our bikes

    Heading back to where we came from

    Returned our bikes n heading back to the jetty


    Checking out the little crabs under the jetty

    On the boat back to mainland. This is our mosquito patch, which was pretty ineffective as we both got bitten anyway


    Leaving the island

    Another bump boat

    An empty sand carrier


    Below is the video on our way back

    Reaching the mainland. These are the chalets along Changi shore

    Changi beach

    The stall in Changi Village

    She had duck rice

    I had my fav goreng pisang

    Waiting for her mum's dessert

    I'm puzzled. Does this block of residents near MQ's dislike air-con? I could only find one unit with the equipment in this pic.

    My feet, dirty n exhausted

    Went blk137 market for dinner with family


    Sweet n sour pork

    Claypot fish head

    Kang Kong

    *bUrP* Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/29/2006 11:30:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands