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    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    AC Milan 2-1 Liverpool

    Liverpool lost, n I'm immensely heartbroken. They played well but failed to score enough. I love you guys eventhough you failed to bring the 6th European Cup back home to Merseyside. Let me go to sleep while my heart mends itself.


    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/24/2007 04:41:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Wednesday, May 23, 2007

    John Rambo

    Once again, another familiar on screen name. If u're not familiar with him, then either u're born too late or a girl or juz an Ah Gua. Who don't remember John Rambo, the famous "One Man Army" of the 80s, played by who else but Sylvester Stallone. The trademark topless well muscled n oiled body, long curly n normally wet hair, plus the piece of cloth tied round his head; dat's Rambo. I was a kid then in the 80s, n i didn't really understand what the movies were all abt except for the crazy gun fights n explosion. Rambo gave me an impression dat he's indestructible. One bullet in his body? No sweat, juz wrap the wound tight with a cloth n carry on fighting. Haha, I actually think it's possible. Thank god there's no guns in Singapore.

    N who would have thought Rambo would have a 4th installment after the 3rd n last part screened in 1988. Juz like Rocky Balboa(Rocky 6), I was amazed but yet skeptical abt Stallone's physique to act in a physical demanding movie like Rambo. I'm not sure what's waiting for me, but one thing's for sure, I'm gonna catch it. Stallone at 60, there's no stopping this man.

    Rambo I:First Blood (1982) AGE 36

    Rambo II:First Blood Part2 (1985) AGE 39

    Rambo III (1988) AGE 42

    John Rambo (2007) AGE 60

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/23/2007 10:57:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, May 21, 2007


    The rough cost of marriage

    for me just got married late last yr.
    tell u my cost

    bridal shop include photo taking = $5K
    videoman = $1k
    wedding dinner = $15k
    church + buffet =$1.5k
    red wine 5 carton $1.2k
    dowry =$10k
    miscellaneous = $10k (cakes, ang pow, invitations etc)
    room reno ( stayin with parents now temp) = $3k (Queen size dunlop bed ,cupboard n etc...)
    Honeymoon air tickets and hotel to tokyo n osaka = $4k not include spending)

    and my new flat cuming end of yr....more $$$ GST 7%!!

    getting married??? u better SAVE!! 4-5yrs beforee...

    I guess only the rich can get married in Singapore. N I'm an utterly poor chap at the moment.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/21/2007 12:57:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, May 20, 2007

    End of 2006/07

    Finally, the English league season has ended with the FA Cup last night when Chelsea and Manchester United battle it out in the newly built Wembley Stadium. Last week's relegation battle was so intense dat it got me glued to the TV n internet for a good 2hrs. Of cos I would want West Ham United to stay up cos they're the most talented side among the 3 teams consisting of Sheffield United, Wigan n themselves. The problem was they're facing the new England Champion in Manchester United in the final day of the EPL. West Ham has been wrangled with troubles off n on the pitch the whole season.

    First, they slump to a low point when they kept losing matches at the start of the season. It's quite unthinkable that they could lose matches with the same set of players dat almost won the FA Cup last season, until Steven Gerrard banged in a last minute equalizer n Liverpool eventually won on penalties. Some said the Final destroyed West Ham, causing them to under-perform this season. Well, I agree to this statement to some extent.

    Things got worse when the English FA probe into their controversial purchases of Carlos Tevez n Javier Mascherano(now in Liverpool). The thorough investigation led to a maximum fine of 5.5million pounds(S$16.5m). Mind u, dat's a hell lot of money for a fine, but West Ham will gladly take it cos they would rather not get their points deducted, which will prove costly in the relegation battle. The fine caused an uproar among other bottom clubs n they were set on an appeal for points deduction n detest on why West Ham were still able to play Carlos Tevez despite of being found guilty of rules infringement.

    The sole reason why West Ham managed to survive the drop has to go down to the Argentine. West Ham sacked Alan Pardew 3/4 through the season n took in Alan Curbishley as their manager, hoping he could do a miracle n prevent the club from the drop. Hopes were high when Curbishley managed an incredible victory over Manchester United at Upton Park in only his 2nd match in charge. It was his first victory over the Red Devils ever having failed to win them after a decade of management in Charlton Athletic.

    However, subsequent results weren't as good n the situation looks gloomy. Then towards the end of the campaign, one man stood up made himself a West Ham hero. His name is Carlos Tevez. He had failed to shine all season until probably the last 10 matches for West Ham. This man came to England with a huge reputation as a powerful forward for both club n country. But this performance was found lacklustre when thrusted into the English game. And how he chose to pick up his form at the right moment. When West Ham needed a strong character to avoid the drop, he showed up. 7 wins in last 10 matches, with Tevez scoring an incredible 7 goals in them. West Ham hauled themselves out of the drop zone. Tevez became an instant hit with the fans n his name could be heard from the chantings in the stands.

    Call it fate, West Ham survived n beaten Man Utd 1-0, with Tevez scoring the only goal in the 45th minute. Sheffield United got relegated in the end, along with Watford n Charlton. The battle oso brought the resignation of both Paul Jewell n Neill Warnock of Wigan n Sheffied Utd respectively. It'll be exciting to see how Curbishley will build up the West Ham team n make them qualify for Europe next year. One man dat will leave for sure is Carlos Tevez. He doesn't belong there. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Milan etc etc is where he belongs. He needs to play European football in the form of the UEFA Champions League or UEFA Cup, not scraping around in West Ham. Now, the only match left to watch this season will be the Champions League Final in Athens on 23rd May, Liverpool VS AC Milan.

    Carlos Tevez scoring against Manchester United on the final day of the season

    Drogba scored against Manchester United in the FA Cup, Brilliant. I wud rather the Blues win it than the Red Devils boasting abt winning a double. Good job by Jose Mourinho

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/20/2007 11:04:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    N95 Pictures

    Tomorrow will be the day i return my trial N95 back to HWZcorp. Hai.. How sad, I really love this phone, there's no other phone comparable to it. It's multimedia features are awesome to say the least. It's such an attention puller that everytime i flash it on the MRT, people beside me will always peek over to have a look at the double sliding mechanism. Now I'm going to write a testimonial for it n hope for the best. To win it will be the best thing to happen.

    Below are the photos taken using the 5MP Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens camera of the N95

    Mothers' Day, went airport for ice-cream

    Here's mum


    MenuPosted by Picasa



    Monday, 14th May

    Went around the city b4 meeting my army mates for dinner

    Here's the head of Dharmy, taken by Samuel who's playing my phonePosted by Picasa

    My dinner, Saba Set

    Wad happened next was hilarious. While holding onto the bowl of rice, the bottom of my hand touched the piping hotplate n i threw the whole bowl of rice away. Thus this pic..

    There u goPosted by Picasa

    The CBD

    EsplanadePosted by Picasa

    Close up

    Full n satisfied


    Me & KenPosted by Picasa

    Went to Suntec Sky Garden to talk cock


    The little fountainPosted by Picasa

    A pic i took ystd on the bus.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/17/2007 05:34:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    How True

    This cute song i found on YouTube talking about NS in Singapore. It's so damn bloody true.. Men who had served NS will understand..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/17/2007 04:47:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    F1 2008


    S'pore to host F1

    By STI reporter, Sanjay Nanwani

    IT'S confirmed - F1 is coming to Singapore.

    This was announced at a joint media briefing chaired by the Trade and Industry Ministry, the Singapore Tourism Board and local tycoon Ong Beng Seng.

    The Singapore Grand Prix will be held next year.

    Singapore has been abuzz with talks of hosting the annual series since F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone met with hotelier Ong Beng Seng to discuss the possibility of holding a street race to be held at night.

    There will be minor changes to race circuit but it will still be held in the Marina Bay and Suntec area.

    Earlier reports had said the route will ply a 5km street circuit running through icons like the Esplanade and will be the world's first night race.

    The route is designed by famed track designer Hermann Tilke.

    On the to-do list now: Resurfacing and widening of roads along the race circuit, remodelling of kerbs and the installation of fences and crash barriers.

    While there are 17 races in this year's F1 calendar, observers expect 20 next year.


    Finally, my dream of watching F1 in Singapore has come true.... This is so exciting!!! I can't wait to hear the ultimate engine "music" coming from the F1 cars.. Gosh, Singapore will host the first ever night F1 race too... Haha... Do the F1 teams scout for talents here? Can i go for their trials? Speed SpeeD SPEED!!

    Ah... My lovely Ferrari

    McLaren Mercedes

    BMW Sauber

    But MOST impt of all, will there be any racequeens? I'm so looking forward to 2008!!

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/11/2007 06:24:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands


    It's finally here!!! I won a 1-week trial from an internet competition stating why i should be chosen to be a trial user for the new N95 within 80 words. Haha, this is really unbelievable. To be chosen from hundreds of entries, I can count myself damn bloody lucky. I'll get a chance to win it though, that is if my testimonial for the phone is chosen to be the model too.. Of cos, my aim is to win it!! It's obvious that i'll never buy a phone that costs $1200+ like the N95, it's too extravagant. So right now I'll enjoy the functions of it, especially the GPS system when i drive n the wifi function to surf net outdoors on the move! But now i have to wait for the 8-hour battery charge to be completed. SLOW.......

    I had to go to BV for the collection.. N i tot i dun haf to come to this place for a gd 3 months during my sch holidays

    Here's the building

    It's new...


    Company logo

    The box

    Sealed brand new.... How cool..

    Leather cover.. Nseries

    It's a shame i'll only have it for one week.... I luv it....

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/11/2007 05:22:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Wednesday, May 09, 2007


    Sheesh... The weather has been bloody hot for these few days, n I'm badly sunburnt cos i went cycling from 12noon-4pm 2 days ago at ECP. The lack of a job plus nothing to do at home made me go out n battle it out with the sun, which obviously i lost. I'm now in so much pain that even little movements hurt like shit. When will i get a call asking me to report for work?! Money........

    Some overdue photos

    This is wad MQ did to me when she was bored when i was sleeping...

    In the midst of my exam preparation, i changed my phone n recontracted with Singtel. Had wanted the N6288, but chose this $0 N5070 cos i'm able to enjoy 6months free of subscription

    One night under my block i saw these 2 cats. Which bump is feeding them? They keep jumping into my house at night!

    Dinner wif MQ @ HK Cafe...Posted by Picasa

    I was so stressed during exam dat i thought of going for this... Hahaha

    Finally handed in my last paper!! The teachers counting the scripts

    The students in front were leavingPosted by Picasa

    On my way home after my last paper, I saw a fantastic parking by a Volva SUV

    The driver must be the Dean or something, cos the lot was reserved for his number plate. Why muz he be so greedy to take up another lot?

    I went cycling @ Pasir Ris beach few days back. N i saw this Oil-rig lookalike thing at the Loyang side..

    Anyone has any idea wad izzit? It wasn't there the last time i came here or went to LoyangPosted by Picasa

    N Pasir Ris has a Pony farm now...

    I like white horses


    U wan a pony ride?Posted by Picasa

    This is the bicycle kiosk dat was being burnt a few months back at the beach

    Nothing but ashes

    Tired, i sat down at WhiteSands mac for a rest n drink.. Saw a lot of army Recruits.. So glad dat i'm not going through this anymorePosted by Picasa

    The pic of a dead mozzie i killed.. The weather has been so hot dat the number of mozzies in my house has increased dramatically. I've been killing one each day..

    Screw u for sucking my blood

    R.I.PPosted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 5/09/2007 03:12:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands