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    Monday, November 27, 2006

    D-Day Starts

    It's 2.50am now, 14 more hours to my first ever major exam in the university. No confidence, losing sleep, no mood, what a way to go for my exams. I'm not gonna do well for sure. There's simply too much for too little time. All i can do is try my best, but i think my best won't be enough. I shall pray for luck tomorrow.

    I miss my dear MQ....

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/27/2006 02:57:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Feelin the Heat

    Phew, i think my brain is gonna be fried soon. Been trying to revise my Maths modules but it's one hell of a task to complete. Going through the webcasts which totalled to 27hrs is tedious to say the least. I'm spending 6-8hrs each day for the past 2days on them, n heck, it's so damn hard to absorb n disgest that great deal of information. That's where worry starts to set in. Programming labs each week always took up a HUGE chunk of my time, leaving me with little or no time for other modules. Damn the stupid Java!!

    I should be studying now, but i had juz completed another 3hr webcast lecture, a short break is what i deserve before i go for another 3-4hrs of it. Been listening to Jolin's new song, ok not very new, but it's a song from her newest album, which i find very nice. It's called "Pretence", or "Jia Zhuang" in Chinese. Her songs always have this relaxing effect on me...

    The MTV

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/23/2006 05:06:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Zheng Rong turns 21

    Yep, yet another of my friend has turned 21. My best friend of 8yrs this time round. Headed for his house in the evening. I haven't been there for a year plus but nothing's changed. Well, perhaps her mum has aged n his brothers all grown up. It's kinda weird to listen to his 13yr old brother having a deep voice. When I 1st saw him, he was only a cute 5yr old boy who kept asking questions. Another of his brother has juz completed his A levels n will be heading to the "fatal" commando camp next January for his NS. Didn't see his dad though cos he is currently overseas.

    So yeah, I sat down at the table eating Korean BBQ with my sec school mates for a good 2hrs. Talking cock and catching up. Wei Kiat n Joel are in SMU now. Nobody seems to be in NUS, leaving me a lonely chap in school. BOO!! The only one i can call out for a lunch in campus is Daniel. Both of them are in the SMU dragonboat team now. Haha, how interesting, this sport has become such a popular activity in Singapore now. How i wish I have the time for water activities. I miss speeding on the water in my race kayak, n I definitely miss Kallang. I miss having a well built physique, i miss having a nice tan n i miss roaring in the middle of Kallang basin when I have this sudden burst of energy during races. Someone please bring me back to JC days.

    Enough of that. Had a long chat with Joel n we found out that we both know that comical Ken Ang(links) from VJC! Hahaha, what a coincidence, n we had a hell great time making fun of him. Oops, don't tell Ken about it. The night ended pretty late. Since i didn't have the luxury of driving home, I stayed over for the night n witnessed poor Zheng Rong throwing up due to the excess alcohol he had taken.

    42 days before year 2006 comes to an end. Anymore birthday party invitations for me? This year is sure gonna be the year i spent most on birthday gifts.

    Long time no see Joel(left). Having a table BBQ dinner with him, Daniel n Wei Kiat

    Here's the hunky Wei Kiat. I haven't seen him for damn long. 4yrs?


    In the house..


    Here comes the song

    Candles blown, make a wish

    ZR with his family. Dad is overseas

    Temasek Sec friends

    One more

    The commando people

    More commandos


    MOre church friends

    Cut & smile

    The key to freedom?

    Cut cut cut

    The angle from the cake

    Spray Spray Spray!!

    Sprayed all over


    ZR has to down half a bottle of this



    Going strong


    Cake eating time

    From the backyard

    The garden

    More food~

    I missed out on the steamboat

    The crowd

    I was intoxicated

    And i started seeing this huge star spinning above me

    Opening his gift

    When everyone was gone, i started admiring his Angelfishes

    Beautiful & healthy


    The "seabed"

    Bright sunny Sunday morning

    10 steps from ZR's house, there's this posh BMW 730i

    5 more steps, i encounter a spanking BMW 645ci. This car costs more than my 4room flat

    Walking out, this is another huge terrace house

    Bye bye~ Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/19/2006 01:13:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    It was a bright n cool Thursday morning when I rushed to school to catch my first lecture of the day. Spent the whole journey from Tampines to Buona Vista reading through my Discrete Math textbook, trying to complete the last bit of tutorial i left behind the previous night. Time flies when u're doing work. A small part of the chapter was not even finished when i reached my destination. So i alighted n walked to the bus stop n waited for my bus 95. It came 5minutez later n I boarded it with this fellow school mate in front of me in a purple top.

    Up I went n the bus headed off to Kent Ridge. Then, I heard this blast of turbocharger "sound" from a Subaru WRX speeding past my bus n I turned my head around to have a look as usual. Ok, a nice black one with golden rims. Just this moment, I dunno why or how, the girl in purple top n I met eye to eye. For an odd second or so, we both stared at each other, n I had this huge frown on my face after looking at her. I thought it was her, my ex. I turned away thinking "is that her?"

    So i stole a few peeks with the corner of my eye. Nope, it wasn't her, the physical features don't match. But i was startled at how this girl resembles her. I can say it's 70%-80%. I mean, how can two person look so similar? Is there another person in this world that looks like me?? Hoho, I hope not, cos my parents made me unique. That girl took a few more look towards my direction after that stare. Haha, she must be wondering what's the huge frown for.

    Tomorrow will be the last day of school for this semester can u believe it. One semester is only 3months long. *Vomit blood* They really try to feed us as much as possible within such a short period of time. I hope i don't choke or suffer diarrhoea. I'll be attending the last lecture for my Geography module. Ah.. How i love this subject. Sadly, there isn't much job opportunities in this field n I don't want to be a teacher. Global Warming, Ice Age, Weathering, Erosion and Migration is so much easier to understand than Programming Algorithms. Let's see what other Geo modules i can take next semester.

    Studies aside, Liverpool lost to Arsenal 3-0 on Monday morning at the Emirates Stadium. Bloody 3-0 with goals coming from 3 Arsenal defenders. Flamini, Toure & Gallas had more or less ended Liverpool's title challenge. That's it, the players had surrendered n a 4th place finishing is their aim now. I was furious of cos. It's disheartening to see my team get whipped by another team. Hai.. But I'm a true Liverpool fan, n I'll stick through thick n thin with my team. Really, even if they get relegated one day, I'll still be a Liverpudian.

    U juz have to watch n hear this to see why Liverpool fans are the best in the world. No damn club in the world can do this. This is our sense of belonging to Liverpool Football Club.

    My dream is to one day travel to Liverpool, walk through the Shankly Gates, stand at The Kop n sing "You'll Never Walk Alone " at the top of my voice with every single Liverpool fan in the stadium. That will be the day I cry for the passion I have for the club.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/16/2006 09:49:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    Adeline turns 21

    Haha, I think my blog is fast becoming a birthday blog, cos everytime i blog, it's about someone else's birthday party. Indeed, everyone will have this experience during the year which he/she turns 21. Everyone wud hold a party to remember the day they turn 21. The year is coming to an end but there's no slowing down in invitations to birthday parties. This coming Saturday alone i have TWO to attend in one night, talking about cutting myself into half. My best fren Zheng Rong n TPJC classmate Grace Koh that is. I dunno how to cope with such a situation. It happened before back in September when Wendy's n Bernice's parties clash on a Saturday night. TWO buffets, TWO birthday songs & TWO cakes. *PENGZ*

    The Infrared port in my PC is not working anymore, dat explains the lack to posts since I can't upload any pic from my trusty Nokia phone. Nah, dun presume that i bring my camera everywhere i go, cos some of my frens actually think so. Hmm.. No blogging equals time saving equals more time for study~! Yeah, I have to start working harder since exams are barely two weeks away. I'm not prepared for this. This is the first time in my life which I'm gonna sit for a major exam juz THREE months after school starts. My mind is still not tuned to such a style. Someone please help tune my brain.

    Back to Adeline's birthday, it was such a success. U shd see the huge crowd at the chalet. I think hers is the biggest one i've been to this year. Majority of the crowd was from School of Computing, my seniors in NUS. Haha, but i doubt many of them noe me n Adeline were TPJC classmates. She's in her final year now.

    Talked crap n chatted with my ex-classmates Suan Siong n Kian Wai. There's seems to be nothing we can't talk about under the sun. From studies to lame jokes, everything. Old friends are such an "asset".

    Dat's all i haf folks. Next update will perhaps be on Zheng Rong's n Grace's birthday parties. Till then.. Cya~

    There's Adeline, the flowery girl..

    Let's get drunk

    Part of TPJC 02S01

    Looks like i'm the birthday boy.. Hmm, not long, 2 more months to 22yrs old for me

    Count the number of flowers on her body


    Grace, acting cute?

    Check out the crowd, most of them from NUS School of Computing

    Puffy cheeks

    Why every girl pose like this? Grace n Che Yin

    RenZhi n Adeline

    Nice cake

    Adeline & family. Parents, older sis n younger bro, a fun loving bunch of people

    More of the cake

    Adeline n extended family

    Adeline n SoC family

    Adeline n 02S01!!

    One more time!

    Lighting up the candles

    Merry Christmas???

    SING for ME~~~

    U all muz sing nicely aR....

    Hoho, 21 candles blown~

    For the whole night, me, Kian Wai, Suan Siong n Andy were addicted to the chocolate base tarts!! I swear this is damn good!! If i haf any party, this is sure gonna be in my buffet.

    More joined in. Yummylicious!! I shd haf tabao some back for MQ

    Dun take me!! Why??

    This is why. She was wet through from the water bomb battle. Happy 21st birthday Adeline Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/13/2006 05:25:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands