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    Friday, December 26, 2008

    Christmas @ Orchard

    After getting my hands on $150 voucher from Takashimaya, I wasted no time in heading down to Orchard Road for a little shopping. Too Bad I can't spend all $150 due to the sharing of the money with my sibling. Hur....

    Orchard was seriously crowded, especially Lucky Plaza with all the foreign domestic workers. Ngee Ann City was even better. There was this LONG LONG queue outside Luis Vuitton. Heck, I tot SG is in recession? Has LV dropped their price? Sheesh...

    Reached @ 3pm, the road was closed for some kinda exhibition of fanciful vehicles like those seen during Chingay

    Went for late lunch

    My Mixed Seafood pasta

    MQ's Vongole with cream

    Line dance

    As night falls, the crowd got worse.. We could barely walk..

    Bought some stuffs n oso got this new running shoes.. Adidas Adizero Mana, $142.. My Asics running shoes is gonna retire soon..Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/26/2008 07:45:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Thursday, December 25, 2008

    Merry Christmas '08

    Another Christmas, another buying spree, another year coming to an end. I thank Santa for giving me an A grade for my filming module.

    23rd Dec, saw this very nice Mini Cooper with a number plate i like... Vintage Mr Bean British car..

    Went to cousin's hse for Christmas Eve gathering.. He had a mini renovation on his TV console, n he bought a new 46" LCD TV.. It's HUGE......

    The rest

    Opening the Log Cake

    Mango flavoured Log Cake

    Had pizza for supper..Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/25/2008 12:30:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, December 15, 2008

    Women's Curves

    It's a wonder how advertisements will always make use of the curves to attract attention. Sex sells I suppose..

    Felicia Chin with her latest mattress ad..

    Healthy drink Vitagen promises u big boobs with deep cleavage?

    N finally, Jennifer Aniston goes naked in the January GQ magazine. According to her, she said "I feel more comfortable today than I ever did in my twenties or early thirties. I am more at peace in my mind and with my body. It felt really good to be that comfortable with myself -- and to lie on men as furniture."

    She doesn't look the least bit like a 39yr old. She's turning 40 in next Feb. Though she's out of love and her career ain't going anywhere, she still looks fabulous. I wish her well going into the 40s..Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/15/2008 11:22:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Tuesday, December 09, 2008


    30 months have past. Went out for a simple celebration to spend some time together..

    HK Cafe @ Cineleisure


    Cold soya

    Hot tea

    My chicken chop

    Her century egg congee

    Coca Cola Pyramid along Orchard Rd

    The Heeren

    Some museum near Fort Canning Hill

    The Cathay


    Shared an ice-cream..

    Mall looks empty


    Christmas Tree outside Plaza Singapura

    Same light inside PSPosted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/09/2008 02:41:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Monday, December 08, 2008


    ALMOST every night, Ms Nurliah Sulaiman would sit on a bench outside her Yishun HDB block chit-chatting with fiance Muhammad Anis Kamsani.

    But their get-together proved fatal on Saturday night when a driver lost control of her car while reversing and rammed into the couple, according to witnesses.

    The vehicle uprooted the metal bench and drove it back 10m before finally coming to a stop.

    While Miss Nurliah, 23, was flung to the side, her fiancee was pinned under the Toyota Corolla.

    Paramedics arrived at Block 221 in Yishun Street21 before midnight, but there was little they could do. Mr Muhammad Anis, 26, was dead minutes later.

    Yesterday afternoon, just a few hours after being discharged from hospital, Miss Nurliah bade a final farewell to her fiance at the Muslim cemetery in Lim Chu Kang.

    With her swollen face bandaged and her eyes covered by dark glasses, she sobbed quietly as she poured water over his grave.

    Miss Nurliah choked back tears when she met The Straits Times later at the accident site.

    'We chose this place because it was quiet and we had our privacy,' she said. 'I still cannot believe that this is where Anis was taken away from me.'

    His younger brother Muhammad Faizal Kamsani, 24, said the family was at a loss over the accident.

    'They were just sitting there on the bench, talking. We have no idea how the car could suddenly ram into them. Everything is a big question mark.'

    The driver, a woman in her 40s, is assisting police with their investigations.

    The accident shocked residents of the quiet Yishun block.

    Mr Ahmad Redwan, 44, who lives just above the accident site, said he rushed downstairs after hearing a loud crash sometime before midnight on Saturday. He said Mr Muhammad Anis was pinned under the car and screaming in pain.

    'He could focus for a few minutes but after that he starting slipping away,' he said.

    Eyewitnesses said the driver was in a daze when she exited the car. She is believed to live in the neighbourhood.

    Miss Nurliah was bloodied but conscious.

    'Even though she was in pain, she was pointing to her boyfriend to tell us to help him,' said Madam Faridah Kamisah, 50.

    Mr Muhammad Anis worked as a furniture mover and also helped out at a food stall run by his parents. He would meet Miss Nurliah after she finished work as an assistant nurse at the National University Hospital.

    Miss Nurliah said they would then cycle together to a multi-purpose court outside her block to chat on the bench.

    The couple had known each other for two years and were planning to get married next year.



    One's stupidity caused so much grief to the others. I have no idea how the hell dat female driver could reverse at such high speed n even dragged the man for a good whole 10metres. How did she pass her driving? Men will speed n cause serious accidents, but women can get into the weirdest ever accidents like the one above. Did she mistaken the accelerator pedal as the brake? Male drivers are reckless, but female drivers are plain stupid. Nuff said.

    My condolences to the family involved. It has really been a tragedy to die in such unjustified way.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/08/2008 12:15:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Saturday, December 06, 2008


    YES!! Finally it's all over on Thursday. My last paper, which was also my toughest paper. It was so tough that I give up the night b4 n slept earlier than normal. After the paper, everyone juz kept saying it's gonna be hopeless. 2hr paper with 4 questions. I spent 45min on the first question reading through the notes to find the answer for it but to no avail. In the end I simply wrote rubbish, or wad i thought is logical. The girl beside me suffer the same fate too. LOL.. I saw her flipping here n there n scratching her head. When i saw her started writing, then i follow suit. Basically, I spent most of my time beo-ing the girls than writing on my exam script. Not dat there are no males, but I was the only male within the 3-table radius. But heck, i'm glad dat it's all over. Let's juz hope for the best when the results get published on 23rd December.

    N now, I finally get my well deserved break after slogging out for 15 weeks. Endless assignments, hectic projects and screwed up time-table. School re-opens on 12th January. Till then, i'm juz gonna enjoy myself n forget abt books.

    This was wad i saw the day b4 my last paper. I was studying the notes of the module when I chance upon this drawing of mine on one of the tutorial sheets. The tutorial was discussing abt homosexuals in the Creative Industry. N so my creativity conjured up this picture abt gays. Nice isn't it? Testicles-cum-heart linking two dicks together. I think gays shd tattoo this onto their arm. It's gonna be so cool~~~~~

    Minutes b4 entering my exam hall... the rest of the students waiting..

    More of them

    Me in the hall.. See, i told u there were no guys near me..

    My reward after the tough paper..

    McSpicy burger is not wad it used to be. The patty is no more the juicy chicken thigh meat. Fuck McDonalds i say. Wad the fuck are u trying to do? U raise the price, yet lower the quality!! KNN, i'm not gonna eat Mac again unless i haf no choice.

    Then i took the bus to head home

    So long NUS.. See u again on 12th Jan...Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 12/06/2008 05:02:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands