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    Saturday, January 30, 2010


    Vanessa Perroncel

    It has been reported that John Terry(top left) had had an affair with former Chelsea n England national team mate Wayne Bridge's ex-gf Vanessa Perroncel. This is seriously terrible. How can u do this? N to think they're good frens, or shd I say WERE. My respect for John Terry has juz gone down the drain man, let alone his team mates, worse still that he's the captain for both Chelsea n England.

    No principles, no morals. Wad's the world coming to?

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/30/2010 12:04:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    Week 3

    Tmr will be week 3 of school. Juz 2 weeks later n it will be mid term break. This is too fast!! Things will get hot from this week onwards, with all the labs, assignments, tutorials n projects coming in fast & furious. It will probably be nothing but work from now on. Now I need to tune my brain to working mode. Less slacking, less lazing, more focus, more concentration. Can I do it?

    Went for a little supper on Friday at East Coast Lagoon. Talk cock, eat n relax...

    Ice Jelly Cocktail

    yummy wanton noodles


    I was surfing youtube ystd, n i found alot of old hongkong advertisements in the 90s. Damn, they brought me back those days when I was still a kid n wanna be like those cool actors in it..

    Chow Yun Fatt in Solvil Titus..

    Andy Lau in Solvil Titus.. Luv this one especially, cos i rmb i wanna be like Andy Lau, become bad boy racer.. N i like the Bengawan Solo song too..

    Aaron Kwok in Pepsi.. Damn handsome i muz say..

    N then I found this Acura(Honda) advertisement by Andy Lau!! 9min, almost like mini film liao

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/24/2010 10:01:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands

    Saturday, January 23, 2010

    Lovers in love, are you guilty of being unromantic?
    When I was younger, I remember my Mom telling me that men
    who love to eat sweet stuff are always more romantic that those who doesn’t.
    The star sign experts also claim that there are some signs that are more romantic than the others.
    Well, I don’t buy any of that.
    To me, I believe that everyone can be romantic.
    Being romantic doesn’t always revolves around getting expensive gifts,
    or setting up surprise candlelight dinners.
    It’s easy to show you love, and sometimes just a small gesture can let your loved one be the happiest person.

    We are often caught up with our endless work commitments.
    Sometimes when you’re together with someone for too long a period,
    you might subconsciously take that person for granted too.
    So here is a little nudge for everyone out there.
    Read these little suggestions on how you can put a smile on your loved one’s face, and try them today!

    We are all familiar with the usual Valentines’ Day, Christmas and Anniversary procedures.
    But what about dropping a gift for your loved one even on an ordinary day?
    It doesn’t have to be anything expensive -
    a stalk of rose, a love letter, a box of his favourite chocolates,
    I’m sure it will make your darling grin foolishly when he or she sees the gift.

    Pardon me for being crude, but a shoulder rub could be way better than a blowjob sometimes.
    We are all busy individuals. And work can be really be quite a bitch.
    Offer to give him a shoulder rub after his bath or before he goes to bed.
    That will also show him that his health and well-being matters a lot to you.
    It’s a perfect way to show your love.

    Some of the luckier ones will probably have a maid around the house.
    But for most of us, we often have a lot of chores to do at home.
    Lending a hand when he or she is flustered over the chores is a great way to show that you care.
    Even if it’s something small like opening his mails and laying them neatly so that he can check them easily,
    or just cleaning up his room together with him instead of lazing around on the bed while he’s at it.
    It’s actually fun to do chores together sometimes.
    Being pro-active in helping him out with his chores is a great way to help lighten his load.
    Well, that means more time available for you also. Isn’t it great? :)

    There was one time when Buttons and I were chatting online and he commented that he was hungry,
    and I made him noodles (erm, not instant noodles excuse me!),
    packed them and took a cab from Yishun to Bedok so that he can eat my special homecooked supper.
    I could tell that he felt really happy eating that noodles!
    He knows I’m a very lazy person, but whenever I offer to wake up at 6am with him to make him breakfast,
    he will smile from ear-to-ear and thank me.
    The point is, I think we’ll all feel very loved when our loved ones prepare food for us.
    Start whipping some dishes today!

    Unfortunately, not all of us are as talented when it comes to music.
    But if that piece of music or that poem is for your loved one, who cares?
    Because even if the words don’t rhyme and the melody sucks, they will still love it to bits!
    Buttons & I used to go to the Jalan Kayu Roti Prata almost every week in the past,
    and we’re always seated on Table 112.
    So one time he just whipped out his guitar and wrote a song with “112″ as the theme.
    (112 meaning Do Do Re)
    I have that song on my iPod, and it never fails to melt my heart everytime it’s being played.
    And I’m actually smiling as I’m typing this. Hee!

    I remember Sinsin telling me once, that it is of utmost importance that we should make sure
    we still look good even after we’re attached or married.
    (Well, you would want to at least have some “market value” if you’re ditched.)
    That aside, I think it’s a way of showing your love too – by taking care of your appearance and looks.
    I’m sure your loved one will feel happier bringing you out to show his friends too.
    Yes, some people will say that looks aren’t important, love rules.
    But face it, I’m sure you don’t want your boyfriend to have 38″ waist just 2 years after marriage right?
    Being responsible of your health, well-being and appearance is definitely a way of saying I Love You.

    I don’t know about you, but I’m actually a very “physical” person.
    Sometimes a touch or a hug can mean so much more than words.
    Holding his hand when he needs support, hugging him when he is afraid;
    I’m certain these little gestures will warm his heart.

    I know that we’re all busy with our lives.
    And even when two people are dating, there are times when they just cannot be there for each other.
    Well, I think it’s really important that we should always try to be there when that someone needs us.
    Even if it’s just for a hug.
    Even when all he needs is for us to say something that he already knew.
    Even when all he wanted is just a word of assurance that can be said through the telephone.
    Being there, physically, really makes a very big difference.

    This is one of my personal favourites.
    I love giving and receiving personal notes.
    Stuffing a little note filled with sweet nothings into his wallet,
    or notes with word of encouragement in his socks if you know he hates going to work,
    it didn’t take much effort on your side but it will surely make his day.
    Well, you can always start by sending your loved one an email to tell him how much you’ve been missing him.
    And sometimes, snail mail works like magic too! :)

    What is a better way to say I Love You than saying “I Love You” itself?
    It is important to communicate and even more important to let your feelings be known.
    Your loved ones might cringe if you tell him you love him more than bee loves honey,
    you all can laugh at how mushy and disgusting you two are,
    but at the end of the day, I’m sure he will be all smittened.
    Remind each other of how you two fell in love with each other.
    And that special someone you love him, STILL! :p



    Love needs effort, and the effort needs Love

    -Wai Lay

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/23/2010 12:11:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands


    Koped this from HL's blog. I couldn't agree more. In a world like today, where cheating happens here n there, I dun really dare to love 100% anymore. Wad's worse is me experiencing "something like cheating" when my first gf left me.

    I didn't really recover from that. I put up this armour to protect myself, like the article above said. I dun wanna be hurt so badly again, I dun wanna be vulnerable, I wanna be in control, I wanna be able to pull the plug anytime n yet dun feel like I'm detached from my life support.

    I ask myself so many times, when will I be able to remove that armour one day. The answer I give myself is during the day I get married. But I also noe that getting to the marriage stage is hardly possible if the armour is not down. So how??

    I wonder who(victim) can ever recover from cheating in a relationship, cos it's been almost 5yrs, n I can still feel the pain of it, albeit alot lighter now. Whenever I watch TV, hear stories from friends abt cheating, I have this very negative attitude towards it; "I hate these bitches".

    I hate the women who cheat, n I extremely hate the men who pursue the attached women.

    I hate third parties.

    Still sour? Maybe. But I'm slowly recovering from it. The recovery process being sped up now that she has gotten married last month. I feel like an episode/chapter has finally ended. I feel sorry to MQ, cos I didn't handle things properly with her, with me being under the influence of my unhappy past with the 1st gf. I didn't treat her fairly, n I really hate myself for those mistakes I made.

    I promise myself that before I jump into any relationship, I must not let the past influence me again. I haf to start afresh. 2010 will be the yr I start afresh.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/23/2010 02:43:00 am | 0 has delicate hands

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Astons Episode 2

    Had Astons twice within 4 days. LoL.. The reason why I searched for "Everything with Fries" the other day was due to a dinner at Katong area. We ended up at Astons anyway, perhaps next time we'll go there.

    15th Jan, Friday


    bfast at Mac


    on the bus to sch.. this isn't very nice..

    evening time waiting for dinner


    the toilet at katong mall is retro..



    taking order...



    finally WY is here


    iced lemon tea


    dan n me


    my chargrill

    WY's fish

    dan's double up once again

    ice-cream? no it's butter

    more fries

    blur is better

    michael jackson pose

    we went to haf some very expensive cheesecake next


    mango, $8.50

    choc chips, $7.20

    tiramisu, $7.20

    Belgium choc, $7.20.. Total bill for 4 slices of cake - $33.55Posted by Picasa

    Nice company, nice night... All Friday nights shd be this way..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/17/2010 08:45:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands