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    Monday, August 11, 2008


    Ok, let's forget abt school stuffs for the moment. I spent the last 2 days of my school holidays overseas. This one is a little short, but it was pretty fun. I went to Melaka, Malaysia, with mum, sis, MQ n a whole lot of my cousins, niece n nephews.

    For the first time, I drove my car out of Singapore, 204km up north into Malaysia. It was one of a kind of experience, with the crazy speed along the highway n some aggressive driving in Malaysia.

    1st day, Saturday

    5.30am in the morning b4 setting off from the carpark. Mileage is 27, 746km

    There was a bad jam at Tuas 2nd Link. I had to dig deep in order to cut queue n save some time. The lane cutting is not one for the faint hearted.

    Finally after an hour at the Singapore checkpoint, I see the sea n the bridge..

    In Malaysia land, having a toilet break at the petrol station's toilet b4 "flying" on the highway

    Stopped over at a small town called Yong Peng for bfast..

    Peaceful morning..

    Row of shops


    Their toilet's urinal.. forget abt flushing

    Finally we reached Melaka!!!

    Stopped at some tourism location

    Everything here is red...

    Cute trishaws

    The famous church

    Little nephew can't stand the heat n requested the umbrella



    Then we went to our hotel~!


    The view from my room was breathtaking.. Located along the Straits of Malacca, we're facing the Indian Ocean


    Living room

    Our bed

    Had a rest n den we hit the streets to find some food..

    Went to a shopping mall..

    N we decided to eat tepanyaki..

    frying chicken


    Coincidentally, the shopping mall was having a PC Fair.. Knowing me, how can i miss it?

    Prices at Malaysia is much cheaper than Singapore



    Some entertainment show..

    2nd Day, Sunday

    Woke up to a nice cooling morning..

    Low tide.....

    See the swamp

    Checked out of hotel n went touring..

    The street where all shophouses are red


    The famous chicken rice ball of Melaka





    The rice balls.. They look like fishballs


    After the meal, we went further into the restaurant n saw some traditional China ornaments..

    MQ on the throne

    Me on the throne

    My uncle pulling the rickshaw with MQ onboard


    Gosh, it's too heavy for me..

    She tried but to no avail..

    Me the dragon, MQ the phoenix.. The last pic b4 we hit the road n begin the journey home..

    This is wad i call cruising.. Malaysian highway speed..

    Made a stop over at some checkpoint for toilet break


    Den we stopped by Johor... I pumped Shell V-power for my car.. Petrol in Malaysia is still damn cheap even without subsidy

    Had dinner @ Johor.. Veg..

    Deer meat

    fried omelette

    white pomfret

    claypot tofu

    chicken wing


    ~YUM~ Time to head home....

    This is all u see on Malaysian highway at night..

    I got home at 12am, mileage reading 28, 382km. I had travelled for 636km within less than 48hrs..Posted by Picasa

    After the trip, I appreciate Singapore roads more. Obviously, it's safer, cleaner n more drivable. I almost forgotten I've gotten into Singapore land n had to drive within the 90km/h speed limit on highways n my aggressiveness almost didn't stop too. The long distance is definitely a test of endurance n skills. Next trip to Genting perhaps?? I shall see.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 8/11/2008 10:04:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands