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    Saturday, February 06, 2010


    This will be one post which there wun be any photos, ok maybe one at the end of it. Nothing much really, juz wanna talk cock on my blog n write down my thoughts.

    I was on bus 95 to school ystd noon when I overheard a conversation between a guy n a girl, possibly NUS students too. I was at the back row with myself n they were directly diagonally in front of me. Here goes the conversation...

    Male: Eh, go grow urself long hair n be a real woman!!

    Female: Wad's wrong with my hair length?!! (she's having close to shoulder length kinda hair)

    Male: A real woman shd haf long hair ma!! Short hair is like ugh....

    Female: Ya la ya la.. U only like those long hair, pretty pretty one.. Den next time ur wife is those kind stay at home, wash ur clothes, cook for u, iron ur clothes, make u sandwiches rite?!!

    Male: No lor!! It's so disgusting la!! I might as well get myself a maid rite!! I dun like dumb women lor!! I like those intelligent kinds!

    Female: More intelligent than u can??

    Male: No no no, cannot..

    Female: Eh, more intelligent than u ones are easier to find, the dumber than u ones are damn hard to find.. (I ALMOST BURST OUT LAUGHING AT THIS PART!!)

    Aww man, I love that girl!! Hahaha... I would like to "eavesdrop" their conversation more but then I had to alight at Science faculty. Stupid guy really, sounds very much like a MCP. Girls with short hair are not real women? Den I guess he better be a REAL MAN when some things happen. N the part abt intelligence was really LAUGH MY ASS OFF!!

    Seriously, I find nothing wrong if a woman is more intelligent than me, but of cos she muz at least not insult me, not damage my pride n gotta treat me wif dignity. It's alright if my wife earns more than me, but I cannot be a slouch either. If men can't get out of this mindset, den i guess alot of them will grow old lonely cos females nowadays are mostly highly educated.

    Always remember, no matter how strong, well paid, intelligent, high flying a woman is, at the end of the day she's still a woman. She still needs someone to care, pamper n love her. No woman is diesel powered; totally hardy n not needing any maintenance n tender care. If the local men carry on like this, den dun rant(kpkb) when the angmo guys get the fuck(s).

    Ok, enuff abt women. Now I wanna talk abt my frens. Juz found out recently dat 2 of my guy frens are puffing away when previously they weren't. Not stereotyping here, but they're both actually very good persons whom I thought will not succumb to the lure of the smoke.

    Both are schooling, n cited reasons are the same. Stress n unhappiness. I agree dat life ain't a bed of roses, it's a bitch n it sucks. But I dun agree with getting rid of all these rubbish by adding more rubbish. Using another poison to curb a poison is not the ideal way if there exist non-poisons to curb it in the first place. My own father is a smoker, n he states the exact same reason to puff; stress. N i owas hate it when he says dat ever since i was young.

    I hate his stinky cigg smoke, I hate it when he blatantly smokes in front of me since i was a kid, i hate it when his cigg ash falls onto the kiddy me n sometimes burnt little holes into my clothes, i hate it when i rush over to hold his hands only to be burnt by a burning cigg between his fingers, i hate it when he owas needs to smoke after a meal, i hate it when he likes to smoke before/while driving n stink up the whole car, i hate it when he doesn't discourage me from smoking n in turn say dat i will grow up to become a smoker like him whenever i scolded him for it.

    Maybe dat is good, cos i promise myself i will nv grow up to be a smoker like my father. N juz in case u wonder, he had a cardiac arrest a decade ago in his early 40s but survived w/o any implications after angioplasty surgery. Cause of the attack is smoking, enuff said.

    Stress, all of us will have it. No doubt I have it too. But I guess it's how u handle it dat's crucial. For me, i'll do some things to help reduce it

    1. Go jogging. My healthiest n bestest option. Makes me feel free when the wind blows onto my skin. Sweating it out n venting out all my frustrations. It always feels damn good after a run.

    2. Go eating. Get some nice sinful food to reward myself. Nothing beats good food landing on my tastebuds n satisfying my stomach

    3. Go shopping. Not really recommended but if u can afford it, try it. If i'm feeling down, i'll head down to sim lim n walk for hours. Looking at computers parts soothes my mood, call me weirdo geek if u want, but it works for me. N if i find something i can afford, i'll buy it n bring home to play.

    4. Friends. I'm blessed with some really great frens, n sometimes a good chat is all u need to get rid of those unhappiness n stress.

    5. Play game. I'm not really a gamer though, but playing computer games do help. I like racing n RPG games. The sense of victory within the game provides the ecstasy dat will make me happy.

    6. Go cycling. Long distance cycling takes my mind off the troubles. I get to see nice scenery along the way n I can do wad i like best, which is taking nice photos.

    7. Watch videos. I'm a couch potato to some extent n i luv watching videos, be it dramas or movies. Having a great Audio/Visual system helps alot cos the loud explosive/action scenes have the effect of blowing my troubles away.

    8. Cook. Trying out new recipes n seeing my effort ending up with some really nice tasting food makes me happy. Cooking takes my mind away from the troubles.

    9. Go rounding. For me, driving is a passion rather than a chore. When i feel down, i'll take the 4-wheeler out for a spin. No, no crazy speeding n drifting stunts, leave those on the track, keep it off the streets. Wind down the window n feel the wind in my hair, coupled with some favourite songs playing on the stereo, it makes me feel good. Or switch off the stereo n listen to the engine "sing" to me at every gear change although Sunny ain't exactly a gd singer. Stop over at some place n ponder through things. Fav locations include Yishun dam, Mt. Faber, Changi Coast Road, ECP, Pasir Ris/Changi beach, Kallng Basin, Marina Barrage n Labrador Park.

    There are 101 ways to curb stress. Smoking is not the only option. It's detrimental to ur health(plus ppl around u) n it's damn fucking expensive. Get rid of this habit starting today. To sign off this post, i'll post up a picture.

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 2/06/2010 10:54:00 am | 0 has delicate hands