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    Tuesday, April 21, 2009


    At last, my misery has halted. I can sleep in peace, I can let my brain rest a while n I can breathe a while more. However, I wasn't spared with a nice ending to my 14 weeks of school term, which theoretically ended last Friday. I still had deadlines, CS3248 project report on Sunday 2359hrs, n the much dreaded CS3103 network "C" programming assignment due on Monday, which was ystd.

    Woke up on Sunday 10am, did everything I could with CS3248 report, n by the time I finished it, it was already in the evening. So, the hardest of them all, CS3103, is the last hurdle I need to get across. With already 50% done, I get down to work immediately after having my dinner. I had to be in school on Monday 3pm to demo my completed program, so I really had to rush completing the remaining 50%. Dun ask me why I left it so late, cos the last week of school term was littered with numerous deadlines from other modules - CS4247 graphics programming(horrible to the max, can't even do 50%), CS2103 program demo(went well), ST2131 statistics homework#2(another terrible one), RE2901 presentation(probably the best presentation work of the class) & CS3248 presentation(which my project group attained 1st position).

    So yeah, some ups n downs in the week, with mixed results. When I started my quest of completing the remain 50%, it was around 8pm. Then, 60% @ 12am, 70% @3am, 80% @ 5am, 85% @ 8am, 90% @ 10am, n I finally completed it @ 12.45pm on Monday. It was seriously hardcore, I've never worked like this before. But with this assignment weighing 15% of CA marks, I had to dig deep n get it done within my limits.

    I saw the sky turn dark on Sunday evening, n then turn bright again on Monday 6.30am. I heard the MRT stopped operations at 12am, then heard it restart its service at 5.30am. All this while, sitting in front of my PC furiously typing away the codes of my program. It was a tough assignment to say the least. My heartbeat was kinda fast throughout the whole night, which was probably caused by the adrenaline which kept me awake.

    No breaks, no jokes, no nothing, I held on n typed & typed, occasionally standing up to do some much needed stretching. When I finally "completed" it at 12.45pm, Monday, my body was showing up the red light. I had worked 17hrs straight w/o rest,n i skipped my much needed breakfast. But I had no time to waste, as I had to get my ass out of the house n head to school by 1.30pm.

    So i packed my bag, backed up my program to THREE copies, went to bathe, n out I went. The hot sun wasn't very kind to me, 34 degree Celsius to be exact. I was hungry, I was tired, I was half alive. My reactions n movements were slow, as I conjured up my last few joules of energy to get onto the train. N when i was on it, i went into sleep, but not one which I enjoyed, for I was afraid dat I might juz sleep so deeply that I might end up at the same place where I boarded, after the train had finished one round trip.

    Thank god I didn't oversleep n reached school on time, then started demonstrating my program to the tutor. But to my horror, it wasn't working as well as I thought it would. Yes, I've "completed" it, but a true programmer would never stop after finishing coding. He would test it extensively for bugs, for errors n inconsistency. All these, which I can't afford to haf the time to do. I was kinda devastated, I dun wan my 17hrs spent doing it to go down the drain.

    Well, at least my program worked, juz not dat well. Then signs of desperation got into me when I pleaded to the tutor.

    "Will I fail this assignment?", I asked

    "No no, definitely not. i don't fail ppl, well, unless their program can't even compile n they can't even show me anything abt their programs. Yours may not work as well as it shd be, but u've done the most part of it correctly.", the tutor said

    "this assignment is really tough, can u be a little lenient when grading me? Firstly, it's my 1st time programming using the "C" language. I really had a tough time grasping the basics of the language n at the same time coding my program correctly. If it was in Java, it would haf been much much easier..", I said

    "haha, yeah i noe it's tough, alot ppl feedback to me too. But networking uses the C language as the low level implementation. Java is only on the application side, so the lecturer emphasis is not on the language but on the mechanics. Dun worry, u wun fail n i'll grade u accordingly. U can go online after u leave my office to check ur score on IVLE.", the tutor said

    "hai.. Ok thanks..", I mumbled.

    "good luck~", the tutor wished me

    I dragged my feet out of the office n headed to the canteen for my lunch at 3.45pm. I realised dat I haven't eaten for close to 24hrs too. Then I bought my food, sat down, n slowly finished it up. For once, I can eat peacefully, I can let my mind rest n stop thinking abt work. Using my phone, I went online n checked my score on IVLE.

    75/100 it reads. So i got three quarters of the assignment correct. Though I would haf wished for more, that's really the best I could do. I've tried my best n i haf no regrets. I felt much better after having my meal n my body was slowly regaining its strength.

    Then I got home, sleeping all the way on train, cleaned up my immensely dirty room, changed my bedsheet n tidy up my notes/books/workesheets. Ate my dinner, watch a little TV to relax, then went to bed at 12am.

    I looked myself into the mirror b4 i bathed, b4 going to sleep. I saw those tired eyes, the unhappy face of mine. I wondered to myself, juz how far would i go to attain gd grades. Is this all worth it? Is this wad I want? At wad cost do I haf to pay to get wad i desired?

    But after 38hrs awake, I couldn't think anymore. Wad I need is juz sleep n rest, lots of it.

    Below are some pictures taken in the past month..

    Statistics homework. C'mon, do u even understand WTF is the question saying?

    One of those days when I had a stomachache while heading to school. I rushed to a toilet upon reaching school. This one is not the usual toilet I go. So when I saw this semmingly femininely coloured door while doing my business, I had a tinge of suspicion dat I went into the female toilet. I was relieved when I recalled seeing the male urinals when I entered the toilet.

    Some day, went for a good dinner during dad's bdae..

    steamed prawns

    fried you tiao

    kailan with sliced fish fillet


    N the famous chilli crab

    the pincer is as big as my palm


    having a meal in front of my laptop while doing the CS2103 programming project with my group mates

    my group mates.. dun ask me why i haf 3 females as my group mates. I was taking this module alone n the tutor randomly assigned me to them. It's my 1st time doing a project with so many females. They are frens since their days in NYP. Nice ppl to work with, but i had quite a tough time leading them, cos the 3 of them are year ones in SoC. Partly confused, partly unsure, juz like me when i first entered NUS SoC in 2006.

    then i had 3 males as my group mates for CS3248.. Nice work guys, to have attain the 1st position in the class..

    This is Tampines One, singapore's newest shopping mall. I had to go there n buy some A4 printing paper. The crowd was really horrible, as it was the first day of its official opening

    more crowd...

    while retrieving my car in the carpark, I saw this stupid sign. Can someone tell me how can I "park" my valuables in my car?

    A nice good meal after handing in one of my assignments last week..Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 4/21/2009 12:42:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands