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    Thursday, April 19, 2007


    Met up with bestie Daniel in school on Tuesday to have lunch n get some stuff from him. What was interesting was the conversation we had while waiting for the NUS shuttle bus.. Here it goes..

    Me: *Yawnz* Argh, I'm damn tired...

    Dan: Haha, me oso.. Eh, my father changing car soon..

    Me: *excited* Really?! Wad car, wad car??

    Dan: Hmm, i think he going to buy the new Honda Civic..

    Me: Wah... Nice.. Ya la, ur father's Mitsubishi Galant oso quite old liao, since our sec sch days leh..

    Dan: Got meh? Where got so long........ JC days lar....

    Me: Got la.... I didn't go ur house during JC lor... I remember during sec sch ur father already driving the black Galant liao... Dun believe go ask ur father lar.....

    Dan: Really?! Haha, ok lor.....

    Me: Oh, then what engine capacity he getting????? *excited*

    Dan: Err... I think he getting the 2.0L version

    Me: Wah lao... 2.0L power leh, but expensive sia, road tax damn ex, u rich... Wad colour, wad colour????

    Dan: I dunno, maybe getting a silver...

    Me: Eh, should get the red, it's DAMN CHIO lor.......

    Dan: YA LAR!! I oso wan the red leh... Very nice.... But my father dun like leh....

    Me: Aiyah, wasted lar... Red so chio.... Oh, why ur father dun wanna get the WRX instead? Turbocharged leh, oso 2.0L, more power and more FIERCE!! Price cheaper too..

    Dan: Dunno leh... Pls lar... Even my father wan to buy the Rex i oso dun wan lor...

    Me: WHY????!!!! It's damn nice wad!!

    Dan: It's so BENG!!

    Me: HAHAHAHA!!! Where got Beng...!! It's not a Beng car lar....

    Dan: It's very Beng lor.. I can't imagine myself driving it after i pass my driving... Cannot lar... U can pass as a WRX driver lar, i cannot..

    Me: *blur* Huh? Why me?................ Eh, HELLO...... U saying i Beng right?! I where Beng? Where? Where??

    Dan: HAHAHA!! I never say arh.... U say it urself one ar!! Ok, u look at the way u sit now lor.....

    Me: *looking at the way i sit* (I was sitting, leaning against an advertisement board n one of my legs stepping on the stool) Er... Hahahaha.... I v tired mah... So sit like that lor...

    Dan: Aiyah, Beng then say lar... Wad tired... Hahahaha....

    Me: Argh dun care lar.... But u v shiok ar, got a 2.0L car to drive after u pass ur test.. If only it's manual, wah..... then even more shiok when u rev the ivtec Honda engine..

    Dan: Aiyah, I can already drive one liao, my brother own a 1.8L version leh, but i no license to drive only...

    Me: Kaoz! u sibei song aR! Got so many cars to drive...

    End of conversation... The bus came n we headed to his hall.. Why people owas say WRX is a Beng car? If i can afford one in the future, I'll drive my children to school using the WRX and rev my engine in the school porch n change gears with the hissing BOV sound.. Haha... Then I'll let my wife drive too, show other drivers on the road how hot she can be when revving the 2.0L WRX engine, even better if i can afford the 2.5L WRX STI..

    Which part of it looks Beng?

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 4/19/2007 01:34:00 am | 2 has delicate hands

    2 has delicate hands
    <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> had a patient mind and asked...

    u are funny!
    ok, just a passerby
    not the car beng la
    maybe is alot beng drive the car,
    make the series beng

    u in NUS socialogy?

    4/19/2007 8:22 am  
    <$BlogItemAuthorNickname$> had a patient mind and asked...

    Even if it's an Ah Beng, it's a rich Ah Beng lor.. Monthly installment of a WRX is around $900+, how many people can afford dat? The fuel consumption is super high too..

    Me in School of Computing

    4/19/2007 10:21 am  

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