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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    Term Break

    Ah, it has been more than a week since i last blogged. Been busy lately catching up with work. Hai, but it seems that I'm going nowhere. Passed my Discrete Maths but flunk my Java Programming totally. I think I'm struggling. This one week term break hasn't been much effective either. I was so tired i woke up at 11am everyday n didn't really do much for the rest of the day n I fell alseep at 12mn. Am I feeling old? Or is it due to the lack of exercise that my brain is going into a slump? I can hardly stay alert after 12mn.

    Little Parco is sick again. Still running a high fever now after the whole thing started off with a bad cough. Hai, it's making my cousins worried sick. It's the scariest when little kids fall seriously ill cos they can't convey any message; all they know is to cry. It's worse when high fever sets in. Kids can get brain damaged or even lose their life as a result of prolonged fever. That was how my cousin died when we were both 5yrs old. I still don't understand why my aunt didn't seek treatment early. Sometimes, i think some parents are plain inefficient in taking care of their kids. When the kid is sick, bring him to a doc, take the medicine regularly n rest well. If the condition persists, go back to the doc n seek help, DO NOT DRAG N WAIT. Worse come to worse, bring the kid to KKH for special treatment.

    Doctor hopping is a big No No n it's best to monitor the condition of the kid 24/7. Nothing is more important than your own child. A kid's body can only take so much torture, don't wait till an irreversible damage has occurred then start regretting. It'll be too late by then n u'll live with regrets for the rest of your life watching your child unable to live life like a normal kid.

    Having seen Parco, i'm really grateful that i have such a great mum in bringing me up to be a fit n healthy boy. It must have been tough on her cos i remembered i was sick terribly a few times when i was younger. Forget about my dad, he only knows how to scold n doing practially nothing useful. Mum is the one doing all the hard work n she had no one to help her, not even my aunts n uncles. She's really one brave n independent woman.

    No dad? No problem.
    No mum? Serious problem.

    She's a superwoman, juggling between work n family. I don't think any girl today can hold a candle to her.


    Some inconsiderate people in my block actually discarded a printer in the lift. Brainless crap. I hope a cat/dog will shit at that person's doorstep.

    Extracting DNA from my cheek cells n a plant sample during my Biology lab last week

    Discrete Structure tutorial.. Bleah.......

    See his guy in black sitting in front of me? His name is Dai Fei, from China. Everyday, he comes to class with a bored n tired look. Unkempt from head to toe. He wears shorts n slippers like he's going to the market, doesn't shave, n his nails are too long. But guess what? He's one hell of a intelligent China Man. Argh.. He passed his term tests in a breeze..

    Saw bestie Daniel on an evening last week n i followed him to this LT where everyone is sitting for their test.

    Last Friday when i was heading home n waiting for the shuttle bus at NUH. Can u see the small little road divider at the round-about?

    Yeah, this moron driving a posh Nissan Cerfiro actually missed the divider n went OVER it, scraping the whole undercarriage along the way. He got stuck midway n was reversing n forwarding furiously. Heck, i think his exhaust pipe must have suffered major scratches judging by the loud noises made by the scraping. Total cockster.

    Science blocks, a week's break from it Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 9/29/2006 12:07:00 am | 0 has delicate hands