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    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Perfect Guy

    Here's an article I've written on how to be the perfect guy. You all are welcomed to criticize / compliment / comment on it (: Thanks! (:

    1. Good looks
    This is fairly obvious i believe, don't believe it when women say beauty is only skin deep as let's face it, it's not. There are only a handful of ugly hollywood stars out there, and that's mainly because they need someone to act the villain. So if you haven't brushed your hair or washed your face in ages, do so soon. Women like fresh faces, lose the beard or the moustache and if possible, get a neat hair cut.

    2. Good physique
    Don't believe it when women say fat/obese/chubby guys are cute and huggable, what women really want to hug it those lean mean bodies. Look at the world out there, the football team guys gets the girls while the chess team players (no offense to anyone reading this) gets the.. plastic queen figurine. Start working out soon, i'll perhaps write a chapter on the most effective workout i've seen and used to great effect in my future articles. The bigger your arms the better (of course not obscenely big) as more often than not, all women can see are your arms, unless they have x-ray vision then perhaps they can see what lies beneath your shirt.

    3. Charisma
    Not everybody is born with this, this can involve sweet talking, an aura of confidence or anything else that makes them want you more than your looks already do. There are a lot of books on being charismatic, on projecting confidence or talking your way into a woman's heart. I shall discuss about this in greater detail in my future articles.

    4. Status
    Sure you all have heard of 'survival of the fittest', but in our current era, the tables have been turned slightly to being 'survival of the smartest'. Women like men who hold high ranking status, don't worry if you're not en-route to being a doctor or a lawyer, the form of status can come in many ways, from being the soccer captain to the classroom prefect and to the group leader. There are many ways to attain good status positions wherever you are. The same way in the animal kingdom the female looks for the most dominant male to court, so does the women in our world look for the man sitting on the highest horse.

    5. Proper Dress Sense
    Here are a couple of tips for dressing up. Women don't like baggy clothes, no matter how comfortable they are to you. It gives you a look of shabbiness. Women like the professional look, not so much as the power suit and tie all the time, but well fitted clothes preferably showing off some of your body cuttings (which is why you need to get fit soon if you're not already). However, don't overdo it (recall Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother who wears a suit even to sleep). The perfect example of dressing well would probably be Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

    6. Talk AND Listen
    women hate awkward silences, which is why it's an absolutely necessary skill to learn how to talk about anything and everything. However, remember not to talk too much and not listen at all, be sure to make the conversation a two way exchange, as much as women hate awkward silences and love to hear you talk, they also love to have their opinions heard or at least asked about.

    7. The Bad Boy Image
    Something about this image that makes women absolutely drool (once again, recall Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl). I believe inside every calm woman's exterior lies a wildness simply being suppressed. However, due to conventionalism, they're more inclined to choosing the stable good boy image. This, however, is something i believe you can take full advantage of, simply by having a bad boy image with a good boy status. This can be in the form of having a slightly wild or bad boy look but with a good boy's reputation, this way, you satisfy both sides of a woman's desires, automatically putting you head and shoulders above the other guys who stick to only one image.

    So, these are the few qualities and characteristics that i believe a perfect guy should possess. Have any differing / conflicting views? Feel free to comment below and we'll discuss about it!

    you can find the original article with comments and discussions here : Dating Rule #1 : How To Be The Perfect Guy

    For more such articles, visit The Dating Rule Book.


    How many guys can fulfill these 7 qualities?

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