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    Thursday, January 01, 2009

    KL Trip, Day 1, 2 & 3

    Went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2 weeks ago for a short trip.. Here are the pictures, but I'll start with Day One..

    5am, heading to fetch MQ

    On the bus to airport

    Simple bfast @ the airport

    Moments b4 going into transit area..

    It's been almost 3yrs since i stepped into the transit area..

    kinda cute shop

    Sun is coming out juz b4 boarding the plane

    Moments b4 take off

    Landing @ KLIA

    KLIA is KL's new airport

    Taxi to KL main city area




    Underground highway, which reminds me of the KPE.. But it's kinda small n narrow dat it feels like an underground carpark instead..

    Our destination, KL Tower

    Merc showroom

    A Singapore car, with a number plate same as the yr which SG was founded by Raffles

    On top of the hill where the KL Tower is situated..

    There it is...


    On top.. N the view was breathtaking..

    CBD area


    More of other towers in the world..


    Petronas Twin Towers


    Those cliffs are the Batu Caves

    The tower's shadow..

    Sail-like building structure


    Berjaya Times Square in the background


    Meranti Tree..

    Oil Palm

    Entrance of the forest trail beside the KL Tower


    This is the only tropical rainforest in a major city in the whole world


    Buttress roots


    Going deeper

    More decade old trees

    Ending of the trail..


    Left the place n heading to hotel on taxi..

    Residential buildings



    Berjaya Times Square up close..

    Our hotel.. But the room wasn't ready, so we head out after leaving our bags there

    Giant Supermarket, went to get some groceries.. lol

    Sungei Wang Plaza


    The famous restaurant at the mall..

    Kim Gary.. There's one outlet in SG too, located at Vivocity

    Table 82



    Unique isn't it.. Box with serviette n cutlery..



    My iced lemon tea

    Her honey lemon

    My grilled chicken in black pepper

    Her mixed grill.. Our filling lunch only cost RM50 (S$21) in total..

    Rooms was ready after lunch n some shopping.. This is by far the BEST hotel i;ve ever stayed in an overseas trip.. at S$120/night, it has almost everything.. There's a comfy reading chair, a business table with internet connection n read on...

    KING sized bed... It is huge..

    32" LCD TV with international channels

    Nice cupboard with ironing facilities

    Nice looking toilet..

    toilet bowl.. heh

    N shower head dat feels like rainfall over ur head..

    Hit the streets again once freshen up..


    A screen out of nowhere..

    Took their train..

    Their MRT is not really very "M".. cos i dun think it can carry a huge Mass of people..

    Dropped off at Tman Melati, a housing district, n took a cab to Batu Caves..


    This is the entrance..


    The huge Hindu structure

    Getting closer..

    A Hindu temple..

    the 272 steps


    Big big statue..

    ready for it?

    Let's count the numbers..


    On the way up..

    Go go go..

    Eh, she's faster than me n smiling?

    halfway there..

    Almost there~

    On TOP!! As we got higher, the steps got steeper, n i admit it's kinda daunting.. If u slip n fall, it's gonna be a loooong way down.. Anybody watched Kung Fu Panda?

    Inside the cave..


    This is great for Geographic studies..

    Erosion caused the hole..

    OMG, more steps???



    Hungry monkeys..

    Hindu temple





    More limestone


    Mother monkey with baby monkey


    Ok let's go down~ It was kinda tiring, but fun..

    On the MRT back to Bt Bintang


    Back to the city.. this is some new n big building

    The Twin Tower is so bright at night dat it lights up the sky..

    Went to eat Tze Char..


    1st dish butter prawns..

    2nd dish, Frog Legs..

    Last dish, oyster sauce stir fried veg..

    We were famished after the exercising!!

    Burp.. All these for juz RM55(S$23), which could easily cost more than S$30 in SG.. N the food were really yummy..

    Her leggies

    Mine, with powder after the relaxing massage

    We head back to hotel in the rain, which broke out juz after we had dinner..

    Wad a nice way to end the night... We retired for the day in the fabulous hotel room

    DAY 2

    Woke up early on Day 2 to haf breakfast. Sadly, we were quite disppointed with the low variety of food in the buffet breakfast. But it's still pretty alright. Maybe our hopes got too high after the fabulous room we got..

    Head out of hotel in a cab to Central Market. This is the BIG Puduraya bus terminal in KL

    Chinatown, Petaling Jaya

    Reached Central Market

    Then we came across a Fish Therapy shop n went for a try.. It was our virgin experience!!

    The fishes were fucking big, so unlike of those therapy we saw in SG.. I even thought they are Piranas!!

    Look at their size!!

    Here's a video of our experience..

    This is really damn bloody cheap.. In SG, 30min cost S$15 i think..

    The fishes were definitely not cute, but they're definitely very hungry for human dead skin

    Thank you for cleaning up my feet..

    Left Central Market n headed out into the scorching sun..

    Went to the nearby Thian Hou Temple



    Very nice deco..

    Out in the sun again


    Went to buy some fake goods..

    After getting toasted in the hot sun out there, we proceed to the newest shopping mall in KL, The Pavilion


    Christmas deco.. This is seriously a very high class mall, with prices around the same as SG, n shops dat sells top class brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Rolex etc etc. Of cos, we didn't buy anything here..

    BUT, we had a damn good lunch in the mall at the Sakae Sushi restaurant.. It's lunch hour, n the restaurant is so empty, unlike in SG where it's packed to the brim n we even haf to queue..

    Hehe, menu plus calculator..

    She takes me

    Green tea for each of us

    Miso Soup & Chawanmushi

    Ebi n Salmon

    Salmon Sashimi

    Salmon Belly.. gosh, this one is heaven..


    More salmon!!

    Softshell crab, a whole big plate of it!

    Burp~ Sakae here is soooooo much better.. Their PC ordering system uses touchscreen, unlike the silly SG system where we still use the BALL MOUSE dat barely works.. Service is good too, with the waitress nice n owas smiling.. Total bill was RM63.35(S$27). If we were to order tha same things in SG, it'll probably cost us S$50

    Ugly looking outside The Pavilion..

    After taking a short nap in the hotel, we finally head into the mall dat's opposite of our hotel..

    This tree is much better looking..

    It has an indoor amusement park..


    Bought movie tickets to watch IP Man, a kung fu film by Donnie Yen my idol.. It was the opening day of the film in KL. Tickets cost RM11(S$4.7) each, compare this to S$8.50 in SG on a same Friday night.. N mind u, the cinema is huge, with nice comfy seats n big leg room. Sound system is damn good too.. I compare this to Golden Village, it's really damn sucky to watch movies in SG..

    We head over to LowYat Plaza while waiting for the movie!! LowYat is KL's version of SG's Sim Lim Square!! Hoho, it's heaven to me.. Bought quite some stuffs here..

    Even the building's design look like Sim Lim Sq

    Our simple dinner from Lowyat.. Still quite full from the yummy sushi late lunch we had.. This cost RM1.99 each

    Went back to hotel n changed into more warm clothes b4 going for the movie.. IP Man is a very very good film.. Do watch it if u haven't.. The fighting scenes are breathtaking.. After the movie, we retire for the day n awaits an exciting 3rd day~!Posted by Picasa

    DAY 3

    And finally, to the last day of our trip. We woke up pretty early to have breakfast n then went to Puduraya Bus Terminal to get our return bus ticket from Genting Highlands. Yes, we'll be heading there to gamble in the casinos!!

    It was a nice n bright Saturday morning..

    Took a cab up the highlands for RM80(S$34.20)



    Car sales

    Wire towers


    More mountains

    After an hour of cab ride, we reached the top of the mountains..

    Yes, the place has quite low visibility due to the clouds.. Basically, we were in the clouds~!

    Inside... We went straight for the casinos, our virgin experience.. haha.. N we lost RM50 b4 we call it quits n went for lunch

    Had Mac, which costs the same as SG


    We went for a walk outdoors after lunch to enjoy the freezing temperature..

    It's blur everywhere..

    I could barely see the top of the hotel

    Does this look like a haunted house in story books?

    We love the weather

    Outdoor theme park..


    Looking down the mountain

    Hotels in clouds




    Who says u can't live in the clouds?

    time's up n we had to leave the mountains.. Took the cable car down.. It was my first ever cable car ride..





    Here's a video of the cable car descending

    then we took a bus back to KL

    Passed by the Batu Caves






    Back in KL~!!

    I brought the clouds down with me!!

    KL Ekspres, their new train to KLIA.. ticket costs RM35 for each..

    Me waiting....~~~

    Boarded the train

    Nice train..

    Along the way~



    Oil Palm plantation owned by Sime Darby

    Reached the airport n a nice sunset bidded farewell to us..

    We were in such rush to catch the plane dat we could only haf enuff time to share this Beef Bolognese from Delifrance..

    Thank god we reached on time..

    Waiting area....

    Gdbye KL

    Inside the place b4 take off

    Touched down safe n sound.. Felt hungry n went to Simpang Bedok for some snacks b4 sleeping in our own beds for the 1st time in 4 days~! It has been a very fulfilling trip..Posted by Picasa

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 1/01/2009 09:35:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands