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    Wednesday, March 12, 2008


    I don't think anybody was surprised to read about the findings of the survey that revealed that 64 per cent of NUS students have sex at least once a week. Frankly I was surprised the figure wasn't any higher. And I was surprised that the media has been treating this piece of survey like it's sensational news. Because everyone knows that all this testosterone-driven hanky-panky has been going on for many years at the hostels. I mean, seriously! What do you think goes on when you put a whole bunch of strong, virile, young people together under the same roof? Prayer sessions? Studying??

    Let's not kid ourselves. We all remember being 20, curious and bored, don't we? Who am I to come down hard on the students? So what if they sometimes resort to making out in the bathrooms? In fact, I have fond memories of making out in weird places when I was much younger, although I never did in toilets due to my slight OCD (as mentioned in my previous blog). Let's see, there's the basement stairwell at Pacific Plaza, a certain "hidden" bench at Kent Ridge Park, in a parked car at Mount Faber...

    Okay I must add that my "making out' here isn't actual sex. It's just making out. Which brings me to the point that yes, young people these days are certainly more daring, gung-ho and liberal. And they just keep getting more and more so. But it isn't their fault. Blame it on the media. They're just victims of all the glorified crap that the media throws at us. And of course I'm not going to pretend that these students are all angels. A few of them are just plain tarts, sleeping their way through the student and teacher population, and the rest of the population outside the school. I personally know of a few like that.

    In fact, I know of a certain famous person who once boasted that back when she was in NUS, she once slept with a lecturer just to get good grades! And this certain person was a student there more than a decade ago! (See? It's been going on for years!) And I know of a male friend of mine who's in his mid thirties who was invited a couple of years ago by a young nubile NUS hottie to her hostel room for a shag. He naturally did not turn the invite down. Oh, I've got more scandalous stories my dears but I don't really want to cause a heart attack in conservatives reading this blog.

    And for the sake of them conservatives, let's come up with ways to stop the incorrigible behaviour. Get NUS to ban sex in hostels. Infiltrate the campus with a huge cheesy abstinence campaign. Impose strict curfews. Hire chaperones to prowl the corridors at all times. Install CCTVs in all campus toilets. Erm...any other ideas? Because really, nothing can be done to stop two consenting adults from copulating. It's in our basic nature to be drawn to each other sexually. If a person has great discipline or a calling to be celibate that stems from a faith, good for him/her. But if they don't, you can't forbid them to have sex. It's their business and right in this free country of ours.

    However, what needs to be done is educating them on safe sex and instilling a social and academic responsibility into their conscience, as in there are dire consequences of sex if not undertaken responsibly. I can name a few: Unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, bad grades, broken hearts, etc.

    Finally, I'll end this blog with a quote taken from the bible: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone".

    Enough said.


    64%?? That's kinda high i think.. Are u trying to say of the people i see everyday in school, more than half of them have sex at least once a week? This is really interesting. Haha, cos i'll never know whether the girl sitting beside me in the shuttle bus or lecture hall juz had a hot session in the hostel room b4 rushing off to class. I've never lived in NUS hostels b4, so I'm not really sure of wad's going on inside there. Wad I'm sure of is young people at our age surely are HOT BLOODED. With the immense stress due to school work, it acts as a catalyst to destress/unwind
    by having sex. Imagine studying ur ass off in ur room, den suddenly this hottie neighbour juz pop by ur room in minimal sleepwear, haha, I cannot imagine wad will happen next if there's a mutual attraction between the two. How abt a quickie b4 going back to the books?

    Ok, dat's juz a stupid story conjured up by me. Perhaps it's time to call my good buddy Daniel out for a meal in school n dig some stories from him since he stays in hostel?? I'm owas very curious when it comes to these scandalous news. Who's not?

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 3/12/2008 01:57:00 am | 0 has delicate hands