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    Sunday, November 11, 2007


    It's Sunday night n I juz got home. I encountered something damn funny when I was at my house's carpark. Mum n I came back from Macdonald's supper n when we reached carpark, it was so full dat I had to go all the way to the end of the carpark for a space. Then when I was about to hit the end, this little cat come walking out into the middle of the road.

    Hmm, nice Cat Walk I think, too bad it's a cat n not a pretty woman. It stopped in the middle of the road, turned its head n looked at my car. Wad can I do? First, I high beamed at it. The cat squinted its eyes but remained FEARLESS. What a brave cat.. Is it a Spartan Cat?

    The high beam didn't work. So I horned at it slightly. Well, this Spartan Cat really is courageous n remained stagnant at the same position. I could almost hear it say "THIS IS SPARTA CAT!!"

    Due to the flea market near the carpark of my house, there were alot of people around. N by now, I've become the centre of attention cos of my car's horn. Well, some people simply looked in amusement while some women laughed at me. At last, I'm left with no choice but to rev my Nissan engine, sped forward n squash the cat into pieces!!!

    Nah, i'm juz joking.. I did rev the engine, but I was at neutral gear. It worked, to some extent. The Spartan Cat moved a little.

    Mum: Eh, U better don't ram into the cat hor!!
    Me: Ya I noe la, stupid cat dun wanna move leh. Ta Ma De
    Mum: Everybody looking at you liao la..

    Hehe, I don't care abt the attention, in fact, I sort of love it. I'm left with no solution now. So I winded down my window..

    Mum: Eh, wad u wanna do?
    Me: Heehee..

    I sticked my head out so dat everyone could see my handsome face. Wahaha....!! Then I made the "kissing sound" at the cat. OMG, Spartan Cat RAN AWAY IMMEDIATELY!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Everyone started laughing at the scene.. Why it ran away? Maybe Spartan Cat thinks I'm gay, so "he" ran away..

    Mum: U see la, everyone looking n laughing at you greeting a cat..
    Me: HAHAHAHAHA!!! Laugh then laugh lor..

    With the cat out of the way, I found a space n parked the car peacefully. Wad a way to end my Sunday..

    WaiZai fumbled with chopsticks @ 11/11/2007 10:55:00 pm | 0 has delicate hands